Lucky Darts Slots

Fans of Microgaming and bonus classic slots – find your fun with Lucky Darts Slots! Released in August 2009, Lucky Darts is, at first glance, a combination game. It has been described as both a “sports pub” game and a “darts” game. But there is much more to this slots variety than meets the eye. In fact, a newcomer might be a bit confused by the choices. Veterans, however, shouldn’t have too much trouble wandering through the options. A quick look at one opening screen shows traditional fruit and 7s on the reels, not darts. Unlike some themed slots games, this one doesn’t necessarily have graphics that pertain to darts, at least not on the reels. This main-screen option shows a heads-and-tails gamble option. Clicking on this coin symbol shows that reel wins go to the Bonus Gamble, “where you could double your money or lose it all! Choose heads or tails to gamble.”

Choose Your Game

Change the game and look around the outside of the slot-machine section. You will see darts and some other hints at the theme on this second screen. There is a 0-1 game on the right side of the screen. Winning the 0-1 game adds money to the club meter, which can be accessed by the “Take Club Meter” button on the upper left. Playing this game is relatively easy. It’s simply an either-or. The “0” and “1” flash alternately and if the movement stops on the “1” you win (club meter total increases).

Lucky Darts: Play Five Lines

At the bottom of the darts main screen the player will see three “Hold” buttons that allow the player to keep one or more of the symbols for the next spin. This can be profitable if the right choice is made. Numbers alongside the reels on the darts screen show that the player can choose to play one line or up to five. The graphic menu below the reels shows such information as three bells being equal to 40x on one screen and 10x on the other main screen etc. Game options are accessed with the “Change Game” button, which also puts the 0-1 game into play (the third game). As mentioned earlier, a newcomer might find this game a bit confusing but with a few minutes of play the pattern begins to emerge. Lucky Darts Slots is a three-reel game with a five-line option on one screen. Regular winnings can be doubled with the gamble round. There is no auto-play in this game.