Eastern Dragon Slots

Can you use a little taste of the Orient or are you in the mood to tackle something a little exotic? Here is just the thing for you… Eastern Dragon slots! You can take a trip to the Far East without ever leaving your home. Eastern Dragon slots offers five reels and 20 pay lines and it pretty much just about has it all!

Playing Eastern Dragon Slots

This slot is colorful…just like you would expect from the Chinese. The symbols will take you right to that place of calm and serenity with captivating Chinese lanterns, Koi carp, and lotus flowers.
The Wild Symbol is the Dragon and if you use it to make a winning combination, doubles your winnings. Now…if the Dragon appears on reels one and five you get Free Spins…15 to be exact! Triple your prize if you win during your Free Spins.
When you find the Coin Symbol you will have found the Scatter Symbol. They are called Scatter Symbols because they are scattered about and guarantee you a win! Wagers are multiplied according to your wager. When you hit two Scatter Symbols…it doesn't matter where they are…you are going to get 200 times what you wagered…provided you played the maximum bet. Get five Scatters and wager the max bet…get 4,000 times what you bet!
You can win little amounts when you don't bet the max but it really is worth it to load up because of the difference in the amount won. Play all pay lines if you want to head to the Bonus Round where anything is possible! Eastern Dragon slots mark a massive total of 27 diverse winning combinations. You can win Free Games too! The great thing about them is that the jackpots are larger since if you win your prize is tripled. Technically, this seriously means that you could win 24,000 coins with the right combination!
Eastern Dragon Slots is going to be a hard one to beat because offers a lot of wins, attractive jackpots, and lots of free spins! You can play Eastern Dragon Slots with anything from a penny to $5 so the budget is perfect for anyone that wants to play! Maybe a few lucky pennies will win you a 6,000 coin bonus!
Play Eastern Dragon Slots after you download it or if that is not your preference then feel free to play the Flash version instead. Both options are offered since this game is powered by Wager Gaming Technology!