Double Magic Online Slots

Bringing the old, easy going fun back into gambling Double Magic Online Slots, one of Microgaming's very first slot games has just that. With just a single payline across the three reels you can win up to $16,000 in one easy spin. Double Magic Online Slots is easy to play and Microgaming is well known for their user friendly software and the flexibility for players to switch between regular play and expert play mode. The background sounds make you feel like you are right in the middle of a casino with coins gently trickling out of machines and the reels spinning and clicking into place. If you are looking for some simple and easy going fun, this is the game for you.

Place your bets please everybody

The reels have one payline but you can bet as much as two coins on that payline. Each coin activates its own separate column in the paytable. If you compare the two columns you can clearly see that the payouts for the second column are double that of the first one therefore there is no extra little bonus for placing a higher bet. You can set your bet by adjusting the coin size from 25c up to $5 making the maximum bet $10. The lower you bet the more spins you can buy and the more magic can come rolling on to you. It is true that the longer you spend at a machine the better the chances of your ship coming in.

Electric blue is the star for you

The reel magic is in the blue lightning struck star. It is the jackpot symbol as well as the wild. Wild symbols substitute for any other symbol on the reels and just makes it that little bit easier to get a winning combination. When it does complete a win it doubles the payout that you would normally have received. But if you get two blue stars you get an automatic win since they are both wild and will complete the three symbol combination of the third symbol. Not only this, but the original payout will be quadrupled. For example two blue stars and a red seven will pay out 800 coins on the second coin. This is equivalent to the second highest payout!

Three electric stars on the middle line will pay you as much as $16,000 as long as you have bet both coins at the biggest coin size. That is a more than fair reward for such a minimal investment of $10 per spin. Besides the red seven you will find cherries and single, double and triple bars. The bars pay out for a mixed combination and the cherries will even pay out for as little as one on the payline. Expect those little red fruits to keep on adding small rewards while you wait for the really big one to hit.

Added features to help you win even more

Play this game in expert mode where you can set the bet settings and wait for the wild stars to do their job. The best feature in expert mode is autoplay option. Select the amount of spins you would like to play and just hit start. You can also set the game to stop when you reach a maximum or minimum balance or when you hit the jackpot so there is no chance that you will play out any hard earned winnings while you are off making some coffee.

Do you believe in magic?

If ease and simplicity is your game then Double Magic Online Slots is what you are looking for. The game is a great beginner's game as well with nothing too fancy but some really good wins. Download any of the Microgaming casino software or play with flash player. Get spinning and get winning now.