Coral Reef Slots

    Many individuals will look forward to a vacation at a breathtaking ocean setting. This is definitely a great prospect many people want to do sooner or later because this comes too far between to become a tiring activity. Enjoy the three reels of the game Coral Reel in the comforts of your own home because it was designed to ocean lovers out there.

    Where to Play Coral Reef Slots

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    Coral Reef Slots Rules

    Coral Reef is traditional slots that uses three reels with 5 paylines to activate. After deciding on the coin size and coin bets, all that's left to do is to spin the reels. After doing so, the game software will start checking for winning combinations as shown on the enabled paylines. The more paylines activated, the higher the chances of hitting a winning symbol combination on any of them after the reels stop spinning. One coin bet enables the first payline, two coin bets enables the first two paylines, three coin bets enables the first three while four coin bets enables all four for that particular round. Computation of the payout or credit to a player's account is equivalent to the number of coin bets times the value for that coin that was played and won.

    Going to the game proper is as easy as 1-2-3, literally and figuratively. What a player needs to do is to decide on the preliminaries such as coin size and number of coins to wager. After that, then the show is on with spinning the reels and getting the right winning combination to come up on the reel after they rest.

    Coral Reef Bets and Payouts

    Coral Reef offers the standard wagers from $0.10 up to $10 coin bets which can be placed on paylines 1 to 4 at anytime the player decides to do so. On the payout table, these affordable coin bets will be important when computing for the actual payout but the more coin bets placed, the payout gets bigger. See for yourself how high the payouts are for the following symbols: 3 sevens, 3 fishes, 3 squids, 3 double bars, 3 single bars and any fish and seven on an activated payline. Take for example three double bars with a single coin bet. Multiply $6 coin bet with 200 and that is easily $1,200. Again, that;s only for a single coin bet. How much more had it been four coin bets? Take your time and play Coral Reef and embrace the fun.