Bulls Eye Slots

Sometimes it's good to play complex slots games, whether they're in slots freerolls or on one of your favorite sites such as the Miami Club casino. But at other times you just want a simple three reel game with a twist - and that's where Bulls Eye Slots come in.

How many paylines does the three reel game have?

This is a simple game with just one payline, so it's ideal for people who haven't played slots before, and those who like the original simple game style.

What is the theme?

As you might guess from the title, the theme is darts. If you love playing the game you'll enjoy Bulls Eye Slots too. But even if you're not a lover of darts you might still enjoy it - especially if you end up bringing home some prizes!

Are there any special symbols?

Some games are packed with special symbols, like the Doctor Love slot for instance. But Bulls Eye slots have one symbol and that's the wild one. This is the man playing darts and he can be a substitute for other symbols.

This means you can get more winning combinations if the dart man appears when you are lining up some other symbols.

Is there a bonus game involved?

Yes there is - and once again it has a darts theme. You don't need to throw any darts but the wheel on the screen does look a bit like a dartboard. Just click on the wheel to give it a spin and it will land on a guaranteed prize.

It's worth remembering that two things are required for you to access the bonus game. Firstly you must wager three coins. Secondly when you have done so you need to get the symbol on the third reel that depicts the bonus game. This is the only way to unlock the game so watch out for it carefully!

Try the Bulls Eye slots game now and see if you can line up a winner!

It's great to try and find a winning slots game online and the Bulls Eye slots are going to be a favorite of yours if you give them a try.

They're easy to play and fun too, and with prizes along the way for just one set of cherries and above, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good the game really is. Only one thing remains - and that's to try it now!