Boogie Monsters Slots

Get Up and Boogie with Boogie Monsters Slots

Boogie Monsters Slots is a five reel, forty paylines video slots game that combines a spooky Halloween and monster theme with sounds from the musical hits of the seventies. There are 32 winning combinations in this game, and players can wager between $0.01 and $200 per spin. The maximum wager is 400 coins. The minimum coin size is $0.01, and the maximum coin size is $0.50. There is a maximum of ten coins for each enabled payline. Ready to start now - download and play Boogie Monsters Slots

Bonus Games and Scatter Symbols Rock

The background for Boogie Monsters is black, which is quite fitting for a Halloween and monster theme. The symbols on the reels include Elvis, a witch, a wolf, a drummer, a scarecrow, a skeleton, and a cocktail, a pair of platform shoes, a mummy, and a Boogie Monsters symbol. Boogie Monsters has two different scatter symbols as well as two different bonus games. The scatter symbols are a glowing blue lamp and a bat - the animal variety and not the baseball variety! When three or more of the glowing lamp symbols appear across the five reels, this activates the Free Spins. You get 13 free spins, which may or may not be the Lucky 13 for you. If three or more of the bat symbols pop up on the five reels, the Bonus Game will be activated.

Boogie Monster Free Spins

Once activated by the presence of the glowing lamp symbols, the Boogie Monsters Free Spins will give you thirteen free spins. The free spins can also be-reactivated while playing the Free Spins Bonus Game. All payable wins will be awarded with a 5x multiplier. The Boogie Monster Bonus Game is a lot of fun. Whenever the bonus round is activated, the bonus screen appears showing a rather spooky room that seems to be some sort of storage room. At the top of the screen in large yellow letters, you will see the words "Find A Bat." Players have to pick three out of twelve displayed areas on the bonus screen. A picture frame perched atop an old desk lets you know how many picks you have left.

Many Game Options for Players

If music from the 70s isn't quite your thing, you have the option to turn off all of the game's sounds. You may also use the Quick Spin option in order to speed up the game and allow you to see the results of each spin you make much more quickly. Boogie Monsters has an Autoplay option that can definitely speed up the game for you, especially if you will be making the same choices on each spin. It doesn't have to be Halloween in order to enjoy the spooky fun when playing Boogie Monsters.