Aladdin's Wishes Slots

With its undertones of far off Arabian nights, Aladdin's Wishes is a fun game from RTG that doesn't take itself too seriously. The developers clearly watch too many animated films, because this one seems inspired by the Disney movie - but it's a sweet homage. And one great thing that Aladdin's Wishes has that the movie doesn't is the ability to take the treasure home with you.

The Secret to Aladdin's Treasure

Both experienced video slot players and first time online casino visitors will find this one an easy game to get the hang of. It has more reels than the classic one armed bandits, but the basic idea is still the same: try to get the same kind of symbols to line up next to each other.

Aladdin's Treasure also supports up to 20 pay lines, so you don't have to stick with the center line if you don't want to. Want more chances to win on each spin? Add more lines.

Ancient Imagery

Aladdin's Treasure is presented in a suitably cartoony style that works well with the format. Keep your eyes open for Princess Jasmine (the object of Aladdin's affection), the Djinn, and the magic carpet - these are all worth top payouts.

Another symbol you'll always be pleased to see is Aladdin himself - he only turns up on the middle three reels, but he's a stroke of fortune every time he does because he acts as a Wild symbol. You can use him to complete a pay line that was missing a symbol, but even better, he doubles the value of the win!

But the most important symbol of the lot is the Magic Lamp. Why? Because if you see two of it anywhere, even if they don't line up, you win coins. Three or more lamps trigger the bonus round, where the serious winnings are.

Magical Bonus Treasure

If three lamps appear anywhere on the reels, you've managed to launch the Aladdin's Wishes Bonus Game. In this game, you're presented with a giant heap of treasure that includes a number of lamps. You've got to try and pick the lamp that contains the Djinn.

Succeed, and you'll win 25 free spins of the reel - with all your winnings doubled!

But all the lamps have some sort of reward. Even if you don't pick the real Djinn lamp, you can win up to 100x whatever your current bet is.

Seek Ye this Game in the Cave of the Internet

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