Winter Gold Slots

Winter Gold Slots

Winter is a time to reflect and enjoy the peace and wonderland of snow and ice, Winters Gold slots game takes you to the action of winter sports, and particularly the Olympic winter sports, with some very interesting fun and games. Excellent graphics, this is an exciting theme, this game is also interactive and has some incredible video action that will thrill you. Microgaming has done it again and given players a game that will definitely enthrall. Join and start playing Winter Gold Slots now!

The main game play

Get into the action on the ski slopes and begin bobsledding, skiing, and other type winter sports games played on five reels across the machines and a nice rounded fifteen paylines. Wagering 1 cent on all the paylines means you will only spend 15c per spin to ensure that you have covered all the chances of winning, up you bet and your winnings also increase up to 20c per payline making it a maximum bet of $3 per spin to give you a chance to benefit from all the wins. The main symbols are Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Ski Jump, which all play an important part later in the game and Speed Skating and Ace through to ten each having their own payout schedule Check the paytable for the winnings of all the symbols.

Golden wilds will payout

The Wild symbol that substitutes for all the other symbols on the reels except for the scatter symbol is the Winter Gold Icon, this symbol had various payouts depending on the number shown on the reels, if there are five Winter Gold Symbols then you will be paid out 5,000 coins. Winter's sporting events that get the blood pumping

The Gold Medal is usually the highest accolade any sportsperson attains to at the Olympic games, on this slots game is it definitely one to look out for as the Gold medal is the Scatter symbol which means that it can appear anywhere on the reels, get two or more of these highly sought after medals and you will receive a payout of 2x your bet increasing depending on the number of scatters on the reels. The highest is to get 5 on the reels and your bet is multiplied 400 times. In addition when you get three or more of the scatters it also triggers the Bonus Wheel of Fortune game.

Bonus wheel that gives interaction like never before

Three or more of those Gold Medals scattered over the reels and the Winter Gold bonus Wheel feature is then activated and will take you to a new screen showing a wheel. The wheel is divided into 8 sections, two sections are for coins, two for free spins and the other four are divided into the Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Ski Jump and Speed Skating.

To start this wheel of fortune, you need to click 'spin' in the centre of the wheel the wheel will then begin to spin and stop at one of the 8 section as explained above.

If the wheel stops on the coins section then you win a prize aware of up to 18,000 coins! If the wheel stops on the free spins then you win free spins and a multiplier on each of these spins. Giving ample opportunities to earn even more prizes and money, the free spins will give you up to 20 free spins, and the multiplier is 4x your bet. The free spins feature can be re-triggered offering even more chances for winning.

The next four sections each have a different game to play.

  • The biathlon you can pick a target to win a prize amount valued in coins.
  • The Bob sleigh you will win a prize coin amount
  • If you hit the ski jumping or speed skating, then you will be given a choice to choose a speed skater/ or ski jumper from a menu and an interactive video will show the action and results depending on the results you will be awarded will depend on the position you achieve in the game, it consists of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes each with their own payouts.

Microgaming Casinos do not accept US players, head to your nearest casino and play Winter Gold Online Slots.