Wheel of Wealth Online Slots

Wheel of Wealth Online Slots is a Classic Slot with a Modern Edge

Slots lovers are always looking for that special game; the one that’s not overly complicated but which mesmerizes the player; the one that appeals to players of all levels but which has healthy payouts; the one that has both style and substance. Wheel of Wealth Online Slots Special Edition video slot could very possibly be that slots game. What Microgaming Software has succeeded to create here is something so simple yet so significant, you’ll probably even surprise yourself how taken you’ll be with this game from the first spin. What makes it so unique? Good question. On the surface, it’s a standard 5 reel, 25 payline video slot. But dig a little deeper and you see some subtle but powerful elements which make all the difference. Maybe it’s the sharp, vibrant images on top of the deep black background. Or the interesting re-mix of classic symbols with a modern look. However you slice it, the excitement and beauty of Wheel of Wealth will keep you coming back for more and more without blinking an eye. Join and start playing Wheel of Wealth Slots today.

Wheel of Wealth Truly Inspires You to Play Your Hardest

Between the Leer Jets, the gold bars, the Bonus Symbols and even the delicious, healthy looking fruit, something about this game encourages you to be the best you can be and keep plugging away until you hit the big win. They accomplish this by utilizing a wide variety of compelling images, from Watermelons to Coins to Cars. And each symbol means lots of cash for you. Here is the breakdown. First and foremost is the Wheel of Wealth Bonus Symbol. This versatile little symbol could determine the course of your future. You could win up to 100,000 coins when you hit it 5X on any active payline. If 3X or 4X this symbol land you enter the Wheel of Wealth Bonus where you choose one of the symbols and get the prize money, alternatively, if you choose correctly, you get to the spin the Wheel of Wealth where you could win up to 10,000 coins. The rectangle Wheel of Wealth icon will land you up to 10,000 times your coin size. It also acts as the Substitute for all symbols except for Bonus Button and Scatter Coin. On top of all these you’ve got private jets, sports cars, diamonds, gold bars, and more fruit than the Caribbean.

Spin the Wheel of Wealth for your Chances at Big Money

There is no better combination than crisp, clean imagery and a loose slots game. Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Online Slots game perfectly unites these two critical elements to create a whopper of a video slots game . With beautiful graphics and lots of prizes, you must get spinning on Wheel of Wealth online slots today.