The Great Galaxy Grab Slots

The Jetsons meet online gaming - the ultimate combination has finally happened, and it is great! Microgaming's newest slot game is The Great Galaxy Grab, and it provides everything that we have come to expect from the great Microgaming slot games. Download and Play The Great Galaxy Grab Slots now if you know the game or keep reading for more information....

A Galaxy of Combinations

Five reels and 25 paylines make sure that the winnings keep coming in this wild game. Coin values are established by the players to anything from 1¢ up to 25¢. The top "regular" jackpot on this machine is 2000 coins, but there are opportunities to pultiply that to as high as 240,000 coins, bumping the actual top pot to a generous $60,000 with all multipliers in play.

A Galaxy of Symbols

Microgaming, home of many of the best slot games ever, has historically clung to card indices in their game designs as primary combination figures. With The Great Galaxy Grab (as well as a number of others in their current additions) they have moved away from that trend and they have designed unique and interesting original symbols for all the combinations. The crew of this space pirate ship all have names - Steel Scarlett, Deckhand Dan, Trusty Rusty, Dozer, Stella. Then there are other figures that the vessel may find in space including Space Mail, Casino, Saloon, Diner Ship, Gas Station, and the always desirable Astro Bank.

The Galaxy Sign serves both as a wildcard and as the scatter. It serves to substitute for any of the other symbols in winning combinations with the notable exception of Steel Scarlett. It also serves as a multiplier, doubling winnings that occur during the free spin rounds that may be won when it comes up.

Three, four or five Galaxy symbols anywhere in the field of play result in ten free spins with a triple multiplier. Free spins may be compounded during free spin sessions.

Interstellar Side Game

When Steel Scarlett pops up three, four or five times, the Space Chase side game comes into effect. Space Chase pulls up one of six different side games each of which are cleverly designed and fun to play.

Galactic Reflections

The newest breed of slot games, The Great Galaxy Grab included, seem to be aimed at players who have staying power. The top designers, like Microgaming, realize that, unlike brick-and-mortar casino players, online players will come back repeatedly to good games, so the new games are designed to hold players' interest over an extended period of time. This is resulting in better and better slot games with richer graphics and more engaging side games.

Grab the Galaxy Tonight!

The Great Galaxy Grab slot game is one of the very best of the Microgaming stable. It is very good looking, the payouts have the potential for being very rich, and the side games are among the very best. Give it a try now!