Tron is a blockchain-based decentralised protocol, essentially a cryptocurrency with a wealth of benefits for users. The official currency is TRX, and Tron aims to be a completely decentralised, entertainment and content sharing platform, with the ultimate objective of eventually leveraging blockchain and the Peer-to-Peer network technology. Founded by a non-profit Singapore-based foundation, Tron is poised to tackle the entertainment business, which is currently valued at an astounding $1 trillion!

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Cutting out the Middleman

Tron essentially cuts out the middleman, thereby reducing costs and increasing security simultaneously. The premise is similar to the Apple Store or the newer Google Play store. This development means content creators can deal directly with consumers to gain funding. Tron aims to mitigate the control and stranglehold corporations such as Apple, Amazon and Google hold over people, and placing the ownership of data back into the hands of the creator.

Tron Features

Data liberation is a critical element of Tron. That means the dissemination of free and uncontrolled data; this will allow the content ecosystem to develop naturally and organically. Users of Tron will be able to obtain digital assets from content spreading using a personal ICO, which will be able to distribute digital assets, such as online casino games, or games for entertainment purposes. The infrastructure of Tron will be able to accommodate the distribution of digital assets, by exchange and also allow for market forecasting. Tron can also be seen as a distributed storage technology. Tron essentially aims to form a decentralised content entertainment ecosystem, and till now, has achieved considerable headway towards this.

Present & Future

The Peiwo App has over 10 million users to date. It is well in its way to becoming the first TRON-compatible entertainment APP. With the popularity and price of Tron increasing exponentially, coupled with the myriad advantages Tron offers its users, there can be no saying how much the cost of TRX, the currency of Tron will be worth. If Bitcoin is anything to go by, Tron is in for a rollercoaster ride, that will end up with a hefty price increase, possibly making millionaires out of paupers! The total supply of TRX Tron, is 100 billion, with an additional 40 billion added to the company’s ICO. The question on everyone’s lips is; will Tron reach the dizzying heights of Bitcoin? Only the future will reveal that, but who dares wins, and nothing ventured, nothing gained!