Sisters of Oz WowPot Slots

Sisters of Oz WowPot Slots

Sisters of Oz WowPot features 5×4 reels with 20 rows in play. You will probably play it for its jackpots that can turn you into a millionaire, but there is nothing special if you look at its 720x top prizes or 92% RTP. However, the developers have included a good overview of features, mixed wilds and scatter, wheel of fortune, synchronized reels with jumbo images, or free spins with 2x multipliers.

Theme And Symbols

The history of The Wizard of Oz is one we've seen covered by plenty of slots, but here we're focusing instead on the four alluring witches from that universe. They are the highest paying images and the ones equipped to land jumbos estimated on the synchronized middle three reels. The rest of the pictures you can use will give you several types of potions, each in a different color. Include the Book of Oz symbol as a wild or scatter for the list of images. Of course, a generally good-looking game and large photos also make a difference.

Betting Options And RTP

Starting a game like this requires you to choose your bet and tap Spin. The basic bet allowed is $0.20, while the maximum is $300 per Spin. In any case, all lines are active. This kind of game doesn't directly compete with regular slots, and it doesn't try to because its regular wins of up to 720x are big at best. Throw in moderate volatility, a 92% RTP and the numbers aren't enough to get players excited to try it.

WowPot Jackpots

The real goal will be the WowPot or even the Major Jackpot, basically the first two of the four significant deposits that trigger this slot. In any case, WowPot is worth $2 million, which is the value it resets to, but it will also go up substantially. The other three jackpots reset to $10, $100, and $50,000.

Bonus Features

Synchronized Reels are triggered randomly as an unusual feature in Sisters of Oz WowPot that changes the middle three segments of the game zone to a zone where images in the same positions match. The effect is that a picture of a specific size lands on these segments and can completely cover them. The main photos appear as the Book of Oz symbol, available as both a wild and a scatter. It's easier to get as a wild as you only need one image for it to affect the successive win when you're going as a substitute. However, despite everything, you need it to land in the right place for this to happen. As a scatter, the same book symbol is necessary in each case in 3 areas so that it can trigger 5 to 10 free games. Plus, they pay up to 100x the bet when landed up to 5 times. Two or three things change about this feature, including how they include a 2x multiplier on all wins, while Synchronized Reels is not a permanent feature. Scatters currently only land on reels 1 and 5, and two of them together can add three extra spins to the total.

Wheel of Fortune

The Big Bet triggers with its feature that depends on the Spin of the wheel of fortune. It would help if you had a lot of luck getting to that stage! It is triggered randomly, but your chances depend on the coins you collect while playing the game. These appear on low-value image heads as overlays.