Snakes & Ladders – Snake Eyes Slots

Relive fond memories with this modern twist on a traditional game. The base game is on a 5×3 layout with a wooden frame against a mountainside waterfall. However, you will only face the familiar 12x12 checkered game board with 144 squares when you get the bonus. You'll discover lots of snakes and ladders, a snake charmer, a gorilla, and her bananas!

About Snakes & Ladders - Snake Eyes

Snakes & Ladders Snake Eyes features 5x3 reels but only ten paylines. You should expect a highly volatile slot, but at the same time, there are good RTP values ​​that you can get up to 96%. In addition, you can win a top prize of up to 5,300 times your bet. Its features include a Snakes & Ladders board bonus, Wild Dice, and their multiplier. Returning to the game area, we find a series of king symbols, five from 10 to A. We then move on to images of bananas, gorillas, a snake basket and snakes, and a snake ladder symbol.

Theme And Symbols

The background image, set against a beautiful mountain view with waterfalls on either side of the playing area, is a plus for the design of this slot. The most common symbols on the reels are the playing cards A, K, Q, J, and 10. These are colored gold, red, green, blue, and pink, and there is nothing special about them. Higher-value symbols include snake eyes peeking out of a wicker basket, a rather contented-looking python, and a banana. In the crosshairs of his banana is a mighty gorilla with a crown announcing his role as the jungle king.

Betting Options And RTP

The bets you can place in this slot will range between $0.10 and $50, and the exact amount you use depends on the player's decision. The top jackpot of 5,300x is the best the slot will do, but the value is acceptable if you play with a high enough RTP. The RTP is between 94% and 96%, so keep an eye out for maximum returns.

Wild Dice

One way to get a decent prize from this slot is to enlist the help of Wild Dice, which should help you get more combinations. It will also boost all wheel prizes, provided it has two or three dots, meaning the multiplier is 2x or 3x.

Bonus Symbol

There will be a bonus symbol that can help you provide three or more pieces of land simultaneously. For example, 12, 14, or 16 dice rolls give you 3 to 5 trigger symbols. This feature is on a 12x12 position board game. You progress by rolling dice, and you can get different prizes and shortcuts.

Bonus Rage Mode

By triggering the Snakes & Ladders Board Bonus, you'll get a minimum win of 20x your total bet. If, at the end of your dice roll, the accumulated success is lower than that, the game will enter Rage mode. The gorilla head will move from your current position to the end square and continuously collect all cash prizes and multipliers. In Rage mode, the gorilla ignores all snakes, ladders, bananas, and snake charmers.


If the gorilla's head reaches the 144th square, the game ends with the option to restart. The dice roll once more, and I f they land on any double from 1-1 to 6-6, the bonus round will start again.


Every time you roll a double from 1-1 to 6-6, the snake section at the top of the reels fills up. After completing all four quarters, the game will grant you a re-trigger of the bonus round. By the way, every time you roll a 1-1, you get another die roll.

Free Spins

Land three or more bonus symbols and enter the bonus on the Snakes and Ladders board, where you'll see a 12x12 checkered game board. Your player piece is a gorilla head, and you start the game on square number one. Two dice with values ​​between one and six rolls determine the number of spaces you can move. At the beginning of the game, objects are random on different squares on the playing board.