Lucky Rat Slots

Although you would not expect this based on the title, this is a Chinese theme slot machine game backed by real time gaming that is making new grounds in the slot machine world! With many fun symbols on them in an art style that will leave you wishing for a sequel every year, we had a lot of fun with this game, and hope others are made in the series!

Rats? Really? A Rat Game?

For starters, this game is based on the Chinese zodiac calendar, it fittingly being the year of the rat. Although many people would think that that is a grim fate for a year, they actually go to show that rats in Chinese culture do not have the same connotations as they do elsewhere. Everything here is vibrant, expensive looking, and has a sense of class that you are not usually going to find anywhere else. It almost makes us rethink how we feel about rats!

One thing that sets this game apart is that you can win a large number of free spins, far outside of the normal range of what you’ll find elsewhere. You can play up to 240 of them to be exact, and you can get eight rounds at a time, making for 240 in total if you manage to get everything matched all at once.

Can You Win in Any Lucky Ways?

As you would expect from real time gaming, you are also able to bet any amount that you feel comfortable with. The maximum bet is only $50, and you can start with just a penny or two dollars a coin. The bonus round here is called the free games feature, and it is the wonderful free spins jackpot we talked about earlier. There aren’t anything in the way of big jackpot here, but the free spins in our opinion more than make up for it. If you can simply keep spinning for 240 times without paying anymore, that’s just as good as a jackpot!

The maximum jackpot you can win at once is 330,000 coins. This is partly so high because of the many ways that you can bet on things. In total, they are technically 720 line combinations that you can get laid out across the very simple looking five reels. The return to player is around the usual standard of 96%, giving you quite a bit a ways to win, and a fairly good chance of doing so!

Our favorite feature about this game by far definitely has to be the art style. Having five reels does not speak to the fact that technically there are all kinds of things happening on the reels at once. You are not simply limited to three things, there being far more at once, depending on which real you’re talking about. You can match them in all kinds of different directions to, something we wish more games would mimic!

A New Classic in the East Asian Genre

We are not usually a fan of the Chinese zodiac, but this game really changes our mind about that. It has an art style fit for a palace, innovative betting mechanics that we hope everybody else is going to copy in short order, and an accessible nature due to the large number of different increments by which you can bet. Although it’s not our favorite Asian game, it’s definitely right up there. Real time gaming did a very good job with this one, and we recommend it to everyone no matter the year, long after the year of the rat has gone!