Lovable Pets Slots

You can play the Lovable Pets slot online and meet lots of cute slot animals. Enjoy 4,096 ways to win every spin and tune in to top features like guaranteed duplicates and free spins with 7x multiples. Spin this slot for free or play Lovable Pets for real money at the leading online casino.

About Favorite Pets

Lovable Pets is a Real-Time Gaming slot with 6-reels, four rows, and 4,096 ways to win. It's about animals, and that's what many slot fans like to see on reels. There are reasonable production rates, too, while the mathematical model differs on average. So, seeing another online slot that offers you many ways to win is good. The top jackpot is 4,536x for your favorite pet stake. In addition, the maximum bet per spin is $50, and the minute chance is $5. Now, minute betting is wrong and will have a considerable impact on the popularity of the game. The Loveable Pets slot offers Re-spins with Win Multipliers and free spins for bonus rounds. So, make it fun to play, and they share again.

Symbols And Paytable

With symbols, everything is fun for lovely pets. That's what the title of the slot suggests, after all, and it works like a charm. Low salaries are all about card suits, but they are improving. There are bones, hamsters, cats, dogs, and even fish. The premium mark is fish, and they will benefit from winning even if it doubles. That is one less sign you will need to pay. Compared to other brands, it is good food. In addition, there is a wild symbol that pays 5x your stake.

Multipliers And Respins

Play the Lovable Pets online slot and win prizes by scoring three to six identical symbols. Fish is the most rewarding brand, while wildlife replaces all pets and playing card symbols to create more winning combinations. Any winning spin can trigger a Re-Spin Guaranteed Win With Multiplier. If your first spin you do not produce, you will re-draw the reels until you hit the winning combination. This feature also has 1x to 7x multiplication. In any spin loss, you can start re-throwing with a winning multiplier. It does not happen, but you will get a guaranteed win. You will continue to receive ReSpins until you get a winning combo, that is. Even better, you will find a random recurrence of winnings for this process. It can be as low as 1x and as high as 7x, so the power is decent.

Free Spins Bonus

Hit three, four, or five Favorite Pets to scatter, and you will win 1x, 5x, or 10x your bet. You will also play eight, 12, or 16 free spins with 1x to 7x multiples. Get 3 Logo Scatters on view, and you will activate the Free Spin Feature. That's where significant payments happen. Depending on the Logo Scatters, you will receive free 8, 12, or 16 spins. No reset traps exist, so you can't get more than one spin. There's one nice twist, though. Remember the random winning frequency of lucky re-spins? It comes with free spins with a 7x win multiplier.

RTP And Betting Options

The minimum bet for favorite pets is $5. You read that right, not $0.5, but ten times that amount. It's hard to see how rollers can enjoy the action, then. High rolls can jump without problems, but an unusual choice of bet range, to be sure. Good slot games usually target regular players. There is no word on RTP, but we think it is somewhere in the 96% area. It is safe to say that the mathematical model is solid, even compared to other RTG slots. No wonder they are so popular!