GoodFishes Slots

Everyone has heard of GoodFellas, yet how about GoodFishes? Well, that is to be expected. While the former was released as far back as 1990, the latter rolled off the production line much more recently, in 2015. The slot game is loosely based on Martin Scorsese’s cult-classic gangster movie, GoodFishes. The game is a 5-reel video slot game that was created and developed by the independent software developer Revolver Gaming. Just like the acclaimed movie, this comical 3D parody slot game features cigar-chomping and gun-toting gangsters. This time, the mafia are doing their shady business under the water. The felons are the fishes! This slot game is a medium to high volatility one, and it is designed to the highest possible specifications. The game has been fully optimised for mobile gaming and promises long hours of fishy fun. Gangsters sometimes dispose of their enemies by throwing them into the Hudson River while wearing concrete boots! That tactic won't work with GoodFishes.

Wagers of Crime

All the gaming action in GoodFishes plays out upon the 5-reel, 4-row grid. There are 30 fixed pay lines, and visually, the game is a real delight. Beyond the reel grid, which floats upon the ocean, players will see a concrete jungle just beyond the shoreline. That is presumably the Big Apple, the city that was once populated by gangsters of all kinds such as the notorious Lucky Luciano, and Salvatore Maranzano. Players can use the intuitive control panel conveniently located at the bottom of the screen. Here players can set their bets. The large green Spin button activates the autoplay function.

Criminal Symbols

GoodFishes includes a handful of ludicrous symbols, although there is still room for a couple of high value playing card icons to make up the list. The playing cards are all punctured with bullet holes relating to the gangster theme in some way or other. The Q symbol looks like it is smoking a cigar! Various species of fish populate the reel symbols, adding a bright and colourful dimension to the gameplay. They come in multiple colours and different guises. One is wearing a wide-brimmed hat, a pair of sunglasses and is toting a Tommy gun. Another is chomping on a cigar, and another fish is wearing red lipstick! It is all a bit crazy, yet suitable for a few laughs. Amusingly, the three main GoodFishes characters are named Jimmy, Tommy and Harry. Where have we heard those names before?

Special Power Symbols & Six Bonus Games

The clamshell symbol has a handgun and a pile of banknotes inside, and it is also the game’s Wild. The shell icon stands in for any of the other fish or playing card symbols which help to form winning payouts. The Wild can't replace the Frankie’s Bonus icon. The latter icon features an octopus holding a blackboard reading Frankie' Bonus. If players land three Frankie Bonus icons upon reels two, three, or four, they will trigger Frankie’s Fishmonger bonus mini-game. Frankie is certainly no ordinary butcher, and he is a shark of a butcher! While the Great White shark smiles at the camera, the three poor fish hang suspended dangling from a rope on Frankie’s right-hand side. Choosing one of the unfortunate souls will possibly reveal any one of the six bonus games. They are shown up when Frankie manages to hack the fish players have chosen, with a blood-splattered machete. How on earth does he manage to grip the machete? Incredibly, he does this using his flipper! The bonus games offer exceptional value. Firstly, the Big Catch Bonus gives away eight free spins, and all wins formed during the free spins provide a 2x multiplier attached. The Big Catch Bonus triggers the All Ways Da Pays outstanding feature. Here players can win right-to-left along with left-to-right. During the Big Catch round, players will be tasked with rounding up all the Mafia Dons and locking them up in a cage. After the fish are locked-up, they start to grimace and grip the bars of the cage, waiting for their glamorous attorney to bail them out of jail. Another bonus game activates 15 free spins, plus a 1x multiplier with sticky wilds, so there are lots to dig your teeth into here!

Gangster’s Conclusion

GoodFishes is one hell of an enjoyable slot game. The game is a virtual laugh riot, and visually arresting and pleasing. There are so many bonus rounds, and it is hard to know where to start! Yet, they all add tremendous value and entertainment to the mix. The animations and the vibrant graphics of the game are really spot-on and excellent, especially when the fish swim out of the reels to unload a barrage of machine gun fire. Try out a different kind of slot, and this is a game that dares to challenge the Syndicate. The game provides a good blend of theatrical themes and outstanding wagering options. Enjoy sleeping with the fishes, and play Goodfishes slot. You might regret not doing so!