Fa Fa Twins Slots

Welcome to the exotic world of Far East Anime. Fa-Fa Twins is an adorable and cute Slot game, but it does not end there. There are 243 pay lines and loads of chances to win big time! The slot game revels in anime style lending great credibility to the storyline and adding multiple options for wagering that will suit all types of online casino players. There are special symbols like Wilds, and Dual Reels as well as a Double up choice.

Twin Gameplay

When it comes to the game graphics and animation, Fa-Fa Twins really excels. The two adorable twins will introduce you to the game then double up at every spin to encourage you to win. Every win signals an exciting and animated response from the twins and the peaceful, mellow background music lends atmospheric moods to the relaxing theme. With a blood red background reminiscent of the colours of the Japanese, Chinese flags and signifying the Far East, Fa Fa Twins is ready to rock your world.

Animated Character Symbols & Special Features

It is not hard to imagine what game symbols are used in Fa-Fa Twins. You will discover a lovely collection including the Cherry Blossom, a Red Lantern, a Golden Fish, a Golden Cat and the Bag of valuable Gold Coins, which is also your lucky symbol. With a massive 243 ways that you can win the action never ceases and betting is an automatic and intuitive process. Controlling the bets is comfortable with the buttons located under the inner reels. The pay lines are variable, and the stakes start from $0.50 up to $125 a spin! The maximum payout can inflate to an incredible $810,000 if you are betting the maximum coin values and wagering on all the pay lines.

Dual Reel Gameplay

Fa-Fa Twins utilises a Dual Reel mechanism system which increases the chances and the fun. At the start of any spin, a minimum of two adjacent reels will display matching game icons. This concurrent duplication may increase from two to three Reels, four or even five Reels for the best chance to win big. The game also offers Scatter Symbols that allow winnings even if not fully aligned. The autoplay feature is a handy addition, and Fa-Fa Twins also provides Free Spins and an extra Bonus. This Bonus round is a really great feature, and it can pay out massive cash amounts without you having to risk your own balance. The Wild Symbol replaces any other character symbol or value in a pay line, leading to multiple winning options. The Wild Symbol permits crossing over multiple pay lines to provide more winning lines by allowing one tile to act as several different values. The Double Up feature can work at the same time, and synchronised with the Dual Reels to offer an incredible 1,215,000 credits award with one single spin!

Mobile Twins

If you like playing on a mobile device, there is a fully optimised version which works really well. It is designed for tablets and mobile phones and provides a smooth mobile gaming experience. The game has a specially tuned mobile version that contains every feature of the desktop version. It works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices and operating systems and will load up swiftly on your screen. The intrinsic qualities are all there, and you have the added benefits of mobile gaming. You can download Fa Fa Twins to your computer or mobile device, and you also have the choice of playing using Instant Play mode. The decision is yours.


Fa-Fa Twins is heavily influenced by Asian culture, traditions and styles. Furthermore, the vibrant colour theme of red and gold lends credence to the game. It manages to transport you into the world of the Far East and will unveil all its mysteries and secrets. The symbols will amuse you, and the betting options are suitable to all players. Once you try out Fa Fa Twins, you will experience an enjoyable and exceptional gaming experience with lots of extra features and magical action upon the reels. The mobile game is well laid out and designed and provides an alternative platform. All on all Fa Fa Twins delivers an excellent casino experience with plenty of great chances to win.