Space Traders Slots

Space Traders is an engaging and original slot which is designed to go where no slot has gone before! There are no pay lines, and the game offers a 3x3 reel system, where players rely on getting three or more similar symbols anywhere on the grid. The game offers 3D graphics, a space-age atmosphere that takes players deep into the depths of dark space, where no man has ever gone! The cosmic theme blends superbly with the wagering system. The space junk trader Queen Bea, accompanied by her faithful companion Handy Max and their pet robot Sam embark on a Space Trading adventure through the galaxy. The game is brimming with humour and cartoonish graphics, which do the game justice. Let’s take a more in-depth look into the depths of the game, shall we?

Deep Space Backdrop

Space Traders Slots will engulf players with a space opera of cosmic proportions. The vast and endless space universe is the backdrop of this exceptionally original slot game. The reels are set at the front with the stars and blackness of space. The lower part of the screen houses a tiny planet with a moon orbiting around it. The whole background is atmospheric and creates an incredibly immersive gaming experience. The sound effects are equally impressive and add that missing ingredient the game needs to be a complete finished product. The first impression impresses, and the game offers much promise of exciting casino action with lots o LG chances to win a hefty payout.

Guiding the Controls

Controlling the game is almost like flying the Millennium Falcon! You almost expect Han Solo to turn up! But have no fear, the game controls are incredibly intuitive, and the wagering and game itself can be controlled accurately and completely. Since there are no pay lines as such, the game offers an innovative and original wagering system, unlike any other slot! The winnings are scored by landing similar symbols on the nine spaces or reels to be found on the screen. The Yellow button controls the watering, and the number of cash players would like to bet. The higher the bet, the better the probabilities and potential for higher winning payouts. The Green Spin button, which is located on the left hand lower corner of the screen. It sets the reels in motion, and the action can begin.

Spacey Symbols

Our hero, Queen Bea treks through the universe trading on space junk, yet occasionally coming up with rare and precious objects. The game symbols are full of spacey symbols and related icons. Players can expect to find an Asteroid, a Cash Planet, Handy Max, Queen Bea herself, Sam the Robot, Space Junk, the Space Traders Logo, and Treasures symbols. They all appear on the reels and create the spice and colour to the game. The game symbols manage to give the game a humorous and entertaining style that is extremely pleasurable to experience.

Lucky Symbols & Special Features

Of course, Space Traders is loaded with exceptional, unique casino features that add value and fun to the overall gameplay. Robot Sam is a vital character in the game as he displays a symbol which will be players’ lucky game icon for the round. Should three lucky symbols appear on the reels, they will cause the reels to lock, then ReSpin to add another precious chance to win. This process can continue indefinitely, and it can also be reactivated. Each of the nine ‘reels’ on the grid will feature a lucky symbol which appears randomly. All wins during this round and doubled to add even more potential of winning.

Space Junk Bonus Game

The exceptional Space Junk Bonus Game is triggered by getting there titular symbols on the reels. A new screen will open up, and players will be faced with Queen Bea and Handy Max, who will offer players up to three sets of options onscreen to select. Each of the choices will contain individual prizes of varying amounts, and it is a matter of potluck, yet the potential rewards can be massive. Players will need to choose from a counter laden with five various pieces of interstellar treasure. Players have three chances to replace the prize with another which could be better or worse, which is mostly similar to a double up gamble feature.

Mobile Space Traders

Space Traders Slots has an exceptionally designed mobile version of the game which is a finely tuned affair, and worthwhile addition. The mobile version works perfectly on all modern day mobile devices, tablets and smartphones. The game is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices. Furthermore, it can be downloaded to a mobile device or the PC. Another choice players are offered in Instant Play mode, which permits players to access the game immediately worth having to wait for or download the game. The mobile version adds another dimension to the game, and players can enjoy all the advantages the medium has to offer.


Players looking for an exciting slot adventure should look no further than Space Traders. The game is loaded with a host of high-quality, unique casino features that add tremendous value to the overall gaming experience. The space theme and game symbols are crafted beautifully, and the whole theme is pretty impressive, not to mention immersive and atmospheric. The high-quality graphics are another plus, and the bonus system is excellent. The most remarkable feature is the wagering and original system the game adopts. It is highly entertaining and fun gameplay in every respect. The mobile version of the game is just as impressive as its PC counterpart, and players will love the way the mobile version operates. All in all, Space Traders Slots delivers an exceptionally entertaining gaming experience. There are great chances to win some kind of payout in the Ling run, and the more one plays, the better the game becomes and the higher the potential payouts. Discover the mysteries hidden in the deepness and darkness of space. There are rich pickings to be had. Jump aboard the spacecraft with Queen Bea and Handy Max, along with their sidekick robot Sam. They could lead players to an ultimate and substantial winning payout.