Jumbo Joker Slots

Betsoft has really gone the mile to come up with a genuinely excellent slot experience. It captures the essence of the traditional slot game with all the classic images and symbols. You will discover fruits and Bells and the Joker is the star of the show here and heralds all the high potential payout madness! The game layout couldn’t be more straightforward with 3-reels and just 5 pay lines for wagering. Altogether, the traditional design and classic game symbols combine perfectly upon the reels of fortune and destiny!

Perfection in Simplicity

There is real truth in the old saying there is perfection in simplicity. And that is just the point here with Jumbo Joker slots. The design could not be more straightforward if you tried, and yet, it really works! The gameplay provides plenty of excellent casino style action, thrills and excitement, which is what the developers intended in the first place. That simplicity of design works in your favour with an incredibly vast range of bets. You can stake as little as 2 cents a spin, all the way up to a much higher $50 a turn! That’s real choice! That upper limit is achieved by placing 10 coins of maximum value on each of the 5 pay lines.

Joker Betting Magic

Jumbo Joker slots has a brilliantly fluid and smooth betting system which is a pleasure to use. The process can be controlled accurately by accessing the on-screen button which are just under the central reels. The clear layout consisting of 3-reel, along with 5 pay lines is where all the wagering madness happens. The coins are placed upon the pay lines to configure a bet, and the coin values range from 2 cents, up to $1 each, taking on the following values in between, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, and the maximum is $0.50. You can put as many as 10 coins on each of the 5 pay lines, which creates a betting limit of $50.

In-Depth Gameplay

Jumbo Joker slots has a surprising amount of depth despite its limited reels and pay lines. The game has multiple levels and is more complicated than simple slot machines. The outstanding betting options and high potential massive payouts are there, which makes this gage super-exciting and entirely engaging. There is a surprising amount of exciting symbols enriching the reels, and the patterned blue backdrop contains all the necessary information you will ever need to play this exceptional slot game. The pay table is clearly displayed and accessible so you always have all the info you need right in front of you so that you won’t have to search around frantically for your potential payouts. The jokers and jesters help to enrich the environmental theme which has a bright and clean interface with few frills. There is a Free Demo version of the game which is useful for practice or just entertainment. The slot is browser-based, and there’s no need to download the game. You can play using Instant Play mode, with no waiting required.

Classic Slot Symbols & High Prizes

The symbols of the game are a well-known collection of classic icons, and you will find Bells, a Joker, Treasure Chest, the perennial lucky number Seven, and a bunch of fruits. They include Cherries, Grapes, Lemons, Oranges, and a Watermelon. Matching identical icons will land you a payout prize commensurate with your symbol combinations and values. The highest paying symbol is the valuable Treasure Chest icon. Land all of them and you stand to win a payout of 200x your triggering bet! At the other end of the wide-scale, you will find the Cherries and Lemons symbols which pay out the least. The Watermelons and Bells are the medium paying symbols.

Mystery Joker Prize & Boosted Payouts

If you manage to land all three Joker symbols, you can win a mystery prize that ranges from 20 to 400 credits, providing you are betting all 10 coins on all the pay lines. Each payout you win that exceeds 20 coins comes with an option of collecting your winnings or just letting them ride on the jumbo metre. You get the choice of four betting options consisting of anything between 20 to 200 credits. The extra option comes on separate reels which does away with the treasure chests but add on the oranges, the grapes, and the sevens to the list of game icons. The uppermost 200 coin level will guarantee you get stacks of symbols on all of the three columns, which gives you the best chance of winning a hefty payout prize.

Mobile Joker & Round-Up

Jumbo Joker slots is a complete game which needs nothing else added on. There is a mobile game that is fully compatible and also optimised for a flawless online mobile experience. Whether you are using a tab, or a mobile phone to enjoy the game, you are sure to be impressed. You can use iOS, Windows, and Android devices and the game is fully compatible with the latest operating systems. You could opt to use Instant Play, or download the game to your PC, or mobile device, and you are guaranteed a premium slot experience playing Jumbo Joker slots!