Season Sizzlers

It is the season to be jolly and with less than 6 weeks until Christmas many of the top online casinos have started introducing to their players some of the best every online casino bonuses, which definitely promise a sizzling season. Apart from the generous sign up bonuses that casinos offers there are additional weekly cash prizes for playing certain games whether it is slots or blackjack or other table games. Loyalty programs have increased their payouts to players and in many cases there are additional reward points that can be won by new and experienced players. But one of the most exciting new promotions for the Christmas season which is soon upon is the increase in tournaments that many of the top online casinos are offered. There are individual tournaments offered where the pot is made up of the contributions by the players and there are longer tournaments where players fight for their top place on the leader board and at the end of each round can win a place in the semi finals and then finals. Prize money for the longer term tournaments reaches the hundreds of thousands in some cases and adds great excitement and thrills to the impending holiday season.