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Princess Cruises recently announced their plans, for a brand casino on their upcoming Sun Princess ship, scheduled to set sail in February 2024. Named The Princess Casino this impressive facility will be the largest in the fleet surpassing the ones found on Princess Royal Class ships. It will offer 50% space and a whopping 30% more gaming machines. Located on Deck 8 next to the Piazza The Princess Casino has been carefully designed with interiors and high ceilings to create an immersive gaming experience. Passengers aboard will have access to a range of entertainment options, including 200 state of the art slot machines and video poker games. For those who prefer table games with jackpots there will be plenty of options as well.

The placement of The Princess Casino on Deck 8 near the Piazza ensures access for passengers looking to enjoy both gaming and activities. The casino itself spans a 9,500 feet and boasts 11 foot high ceilings. With a total of 230 slot machines, 15 live tables and even a dedicated area for high limit slots there's something for every casino enthusiast. Comfort has also been prioritized with seating, throughout the gaming space while an immersive visual experience adds to the overall ambiance.

Scheduled to be revealed in February 2024 the Sun Princess is currently being built at the Fincantieri shipyard, in Italy. In addition to its casino this ship offers a range of exciting entertainment options and mouthwatering culinary experiences. It boasts a variety of staterooms and suites across categories. When it comes to onboard gambling cruise ship casinos typically feature a combination of slot machines and table games like three card poker, Caribbean stud poker, craps, blackjack and roulette. Some sailings may also offer table games such, as Texas Hold 'em and pai gow.

Can I get a free cruise?

Like land based casinos, each cruise line that offers gambling, on board has its set of rules for earning perks through their casino loyalty program or players club. The points you earn are usually based on the time you spend playing and the amount of money you gamble including both your wins and what you put back into the game. Similar to an airline loyalty program these casino points accumulate over a year. Unlock perks as you progress through different status levels. As a perk they may offer discounted cruises on a basis starting with complimentary inside cabins for those at lower status levels. Some casinos even allow you to match your casino status from land based casinos or different cruise lines giving you an advantage.

When it comes to choosing which game to play on a cruise ships casino it's all, about what entertains you the most. All the main goal is to have fun right? If you enjoy games that require a mix of skill and luck then those are the ones where your odds of winning're higher. For instance blackjack has odds that slightly favor the casino by 1% whereas slot machines give the casino a 25% edge overall.

The odds indicate that cruise lines prioritize slot machine players over card players when it comes to the number of games and the perks offered. In summary skill games are the choice, for winning money while slot machines are preferable for earning loyalty perks like cruises.

Are beverages complimentary?

In the past cruise ship casino gamblers did not receive drinks as they do in land based casinos. However there are exceptions. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line offer drinks in the casino as a part of their casino loyalty program. Once you reach a level you can enjoy drinks from the casino bar for an entire year at most times. Additionally Carnival, Princess and Virgin Voyages often provide drinks for individual comped cruises. Furthermore all guests actively gambling in the casino on Celebrity cruises receive well drinks.

Is the casino regulated?

Cruise ship casinos are regulated and typically they follow the laws of the country where the ship is registered. However since gambling usually occurs when the ship is, in waters cruise lines that depart from U.S. Ports also comply with the regulations set by the Cruise Lines International Association. According to these rules all gaming equipment purchased and installed on member cruise line vessels must meet the standards of recognized jurisdictions like the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Moreover every casino must have house rules readily available for players to see. At each gaming table minimum and maximum betting limits for each game should be clearly. Only adults are allowed to participate in slot machines or table games.

Do they organize tournaments?

Mainstream cruise lines often organize casino tournaments on board their ships. These tournaments include slot tournaments as card game competitions, for blackjack and Texas Hold'em. Some tournaments are invitation exclusively offered to casino loyalty members who have achieved a level of status. These special events are usually hosted on cruises tailored to pamper and entertain these players.

Is smoking permitted in the casino?

Casinos, on cruise ships have traditionally been known as the frontier for smokers with designated areas on deck. However there is a growing trend among cruise lines to offer casinos. Celebrity Cruises for instance strictly prohibits smoking in their ships casinos. Luxury ships, known for their casinos also tend to be nonsmoking. Some cruise lines offer an approach where they have areas for smoking and nonsmoking casinos. Norwegian Cruise Line has dedicated smoking rooms on ships. Allows cigarette smoking and e cigarette use, in the casinos of ships without these designated areas. Princess Cruises only permits smoking at slot machines while Holland America provides designated smoking zones within their casino area.

Are cruise casinos open in port?

Cruise ship casinos generally have operating hours and restrictions. They are typically open while the ship is, in waters. Not when it is in port. This means that certain cruise ships, like Norwegians Pride of America which sails in Hawaii don't have a casino because they remain within U.S. Waters throughout the trip. It can also be surprising for cruisers to discover that the casino may be closed on nights during Alaska cruises. For instance when sailing from Victoria, British Columbia to Seattle on the night the ship goes directly from waters to U.S. Waters without entering international open waters. As a result the casino closes on the night before reaching Victoria. Remains closed for the duration of the cruise.

However there are some ports that do allow cruise ship casinos to operate while in port by requiring gaming licenses. Bermuda is one example where licensed ships can operate their casinos between 9 p.m. And 5 a.m. as Bermuda itself lacks land based casinos and many cruise ships stay overnight during Bermuda cruises. Malta is another location that permits approved ships with licenses to open their casinos between 6 p.m. And 6 a.m. even though it has its land based casinos.

What payment methods are there?

Regarding payment methods at cruise ship casinos they typically accept cash as one form of payment, alongside options.

Cruise ship casinos gladly accept cash, for both slot machines and table games. For instance you can sit at a slots machine and insert a $20 bill, which will then be converted into "credits" displayed on the machines screen. The value of these credits is determined by the denomination of the machine you're using. Alternatively if you prefer playing roulette you can approach a table. Exchange $20 for chips. It's important to note that in cruise ship casinos, cash transactions only flow in one direction when you win. Slot machines and dealers do not provide cash payouts. Instead if you've finished playing and have winnings to collect you may receive a paper credit slip that can be redeemed for cash at the cashiers cage or have your winnings directly added to your onboard account depending on the policies of the cruise line. When it comes to table games you'll need to bring your chips to the cashier in order to convert them back into cash. In case you don't have cash with you while onboard there are ATMs within the casino area or at guest services where you can withdraw money. Additionally cruise ship casinos offer alternatives to using cash such as paper credit slips that can be used as currency at both machines and tables, onboard credits or casino free play loaded onto your stateroom account or even lines of credit arranged directly with the casino.

You also have the option to add gambling charges directly to your onboard account like you would for a drink, at a bar or any other onboard expense. The fees for gambling may vary depending on the cruise line. Generally theres a service fee for table games while slot machines do not incur any charges.

In summary

If you enjoy gambling cruise ship casinos offer a way to spend your time during a sea day or evening on the ship. You can even take lessons to learn games and participate in tournaments. Additionally many cruise lines have players clubs that provide onboard perks and free cruises. With regulations in place as land based casinos in the U.S. And similar odds of winning cruise ship casinos are a choice, for entertainment and fun.