RedDice Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

RedDice is a online casino but it stands out with its impressive offerings. The interface of the website is. User friendly, creating an experience, for players. The live chat feature is very good to interact with casino enthusiasts while the attentive support staff adds a touch to the overall casino atmosphere. Although the game selection may not be extraordinary it still offers a range of options to ensure plenty of entertainment.

About RedDice Casino

Panache acquired a license in 2015 to establish a casino called RedDice. In November 2015 this virtual casino opened its doors to players. You can enjoy very great games like American roulette, blackjack and sicbo. With over 100 games in total there's something for everyone. Additionally after registering on the site you can participate in tournaments where you compete against players. The ultimate winner is determined by having the balance at the end of the tournament.

Casino. Themes

At RedDice Casino you'll find a collection of games that are exclusive, to this platform. Ensuring 100% guaranteed fun! There's a variety of options including numerous variants of video poker.You can enjoy playing a variety of dice games and dice slots, such, as Tut ankh Amun Dice (based on ancient Egypt) Dice Derby (featuring horse racing) Wild Waves Dice (set in Hawaii) Ching Ching Dice and Golden Dragon (inspired by China) and many others. Regardless of the climate or era you prefer these games allow you to roll the dice and have fun. Additionally all games offer a free mode option allowing you to try them out before deciding to play with money.

Best Games at RedDice Casino - Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon is a very thrilling dice game that combines skills and good luck. As you play the prizes gradually. You'll find excitement, in the very good bonus rounds and a nice progressive jackpot. The game has a twist with four boxes where you place your dice very strategically. By aligning three dice with the symbol diagonally you can earn points towards winning prizes. To claim a nice prize you need to accumulate 100 points. And here's an exciting twist; if you manage to earn points in than two categories you'll be getting very nice bonus points well.

Best games at RedDice casino - Aztec Dice

One of the standout games at RedDice Casino is Aztec Dice. A very captivating dice slot game that offers 25 lines for yours wins. In addition to the lines there are also very important zigzag lines where winning combinations can form. To win a prize all you need is a row of three matching symbols. The bonus round introduces an enthralling prize wheel feature that gives players the very good chance to win very nice rewards. With a payout percentage of 95.35% it's very safe to say that there's a lot of plenty of winning big opportunities in this very nice game.

Best Games at RedDice - Sic Bo

Another fantastic offering, at RedDice Casino is Sic Bo. A very thrilling game where your goal's to predict which number will appear their when rolling three dice. There are very good possibilities and the good payout can vary up, to 180 to 1 depending on yours bet. You have the very good option to place chips on numbers that will be rolled the repetition of a number or a very nice combination resulting in totals between 4 and 10 or 11 and 17 along, with many other very nice combinations. In 97.2% of the games played you will always win something.

Best Games at RedDice Casino - Blackjack

Blackjack, a captivating card game found in casinos, around the world offers more than entertainment. It combines simplicity with decision making keeping players on the edges of their seats for long generations. The objective of blackjack is to have a hand value than the dealers without going over 21. Each card has a value. The game revolves around skillfully managing your hand to make optimal choices. You can play blackjack with a deck of 52 cards or multiple decks combined. Nowadays modern blackjack games typically use either 6 or 8 decks. To excel at blackjack it's crucial to understand the assigned value of each card. The game begins with the dealer giving two cards to each player including themselves. Usually players cards are face up while the dealer has one face up and one face down card. Players have options for their hand once all players have taken action; then it's time for the dealer to reveal their card. The dealer must draw cards for a hand value of 17 or higher. If the dealer goes over more 21 all remaining players win; otherwise whoever has a hand value, to 21 emerges victorious.

If theres a tie the player will get their bet back. In blackjack it is important to understand the payout system in order to make decisions and maximize your winnings. The payout structure, in blackjack can vary depending on the outcome of the round and the specific rules of the casino or variant being played.

One of the games at RedDice is American roulette.

It is a table game that you can find in casinos across the United States and even beyond. The main goal is to predict where on the roulette wheel there ball will land in. To excel at this game it's crucial to understand its rules, such as placing bets on digits, rows or neighboring numbers. Additionally you should know that a single digit bet comes with a 35 to 1 payout including both 0 and 00 numbers. It's important to note that American Roulette differs from versions due to having both a double zero pocket and a green zero pocket as well as a different wheel configuration and an extra wager known as Basket or Five bet. To play American Roulette strategically it's essential to have an understanding of types of bets and how "0" and "00" play their role. Mastering where these key numbers are positioned is the step, towards minimizing losses and increasing your chances of winning.

Lets explore the intricacies of the American Roulette wheel the layout of the table and how understanding the house edge can enhance your gameplay.


At RedDice one of the standout features is the availability of tournaments. These tournaments are open, to all account holders regardless of their duration on RedDice. The entry fees for these tournaments never exceed $2. The potential prizes can reach up to $1,500. The player who emerges with the winnings at the end of each tournament takes home the prize. You can participate in tournaments on an monthly basis and there are also smaller daily tournaments to enjoy. Occasionally there are even team tournaments where you can play alongside a partner. Additionally RedDice provides options for players to set their bet limits receive reality checks at intervals they choose themselves (every minutes or hours) or exclude themselves if desired.

Payments at RedDice

With your depositing your funds and withdrawing them at RedDice you have multiple options available. HiPay supports deposits through HiPay Wallet and Bancontact payment method. If you choose to deposit via Bancontact using HiPays services your banking details will be securely stored for use. Remember that all deposits require authorization using a Digipass device. Another option is depositing through Bancontact via Ingenico service. Furthermore RedDice accepts paysafecard as Skrill—a popular web payment system—, for deposits. The minimum depositing amount is $10 while the maximum limit stands at $10,000. Rest assured that all withdrawal requests are processed by Red Dice within 24 hours.

You also have the option to set both a limit and a hard limit. The soft limit allows you to specify the amount you're comfortable losing and if you exceed that amount you'll receive a warning. On the hand with the limit your deposit will be declined if your losses surpass the predetermined amount.

RedDice Customer Support

RedDice boasts a efficient customer support team that is readily available. You can easily reach for them very directly through their website via a live chat feature accessible, on every page of their casino. They also offer a chat box where you can interact with players, as well as the ability to have private conversations with staff or other players. This ensures that all your questions are promptly answered. If needed you can also send an email. Expect a response, within an hour. Alternatively customer support can be reached by phone well.