New Tournament Open to New Players at Thebes Casino

Thebes Casino, as you might guess from the name, has an Egyptian feel. They also have something far more important and exciting though, and that’s a new player tournament with a four-figure prize pool.

How much cash is on offer here?

They’re offering a prize pool of $5,000 to stand a chance of winning if you’re new and you join this tournament.

Is this really only available for new players?

Yes – it’s advertised on the home page of the website and you can only find out more when you download the casino to join for the first time.

Does this mean the odds of winning are a little better?

They could be, yes. It all depends on how many new players join up to play. However since only new players can take part it means all the existing players won’t be able to. This alone should lower the odds in your favour.

What other promotions are available if you’re not eligible for this one?

Relax, there are plenty of others on the website so you won’t feel left out if you have already joined Thebes Casino. Just click on the promotions link at the top of the site on the menu bar. This dedicated page will contain all the up to date information on their latest promotions.

Thebes Casino tends to have a lot of promotions compared to a number of other sites as well. They also have daily offers to explore so you should make a point of checking the latest information every time you log into your account.

Is it worth joining Thebes Casino?

In terms of the opening tournament for new players, not to mention the many other perks and advantages you can get from the site, the answer has to be a definite yes. If you haven’t had a closer look yet, we’d recommend you do so now. You might be surprised at what you find there. The temptation of a tournament that is only open for brand new players is certainly appealing, as is the ability to get involved with all kinds of other perks.

Certainly if you are looking for another casino to join – or looking for your first one – Thebes Casino is a great option to give some serious consideration to. We’d love to hear that you had a big win in that prize pool for newbies!