It wasn’t so long ago that US players remember enjoying the easy and super user friendly services of Neteller to fund their casino accounts and more importantly, withdraw their winnings. Unfortunately, that is no longer the reality for US players ever since the US government outlawed Neteller from providing their e-Wallet services to US citizens. There are alternatives for USA players: Prepaid Gift Card, UseMyWallet, QuickCash and Bank Wire. List of Casinos with Payments Methods Enabling for US Players:

Neteller – What Was, What Is and What May Be

That sad fact aside, Neteller is still available to players from just about everywhere else in the world and even more efficient and reliable than ever. Neteller is still regarded as one of the safest and easiest ways to best move your money online. Will their trusted services one day be available again to their loyal US userbase? That could depend on whether the new US administration turns a favorable eye towards the online casino industry. In the meantime, let’s just focus on what we know: Neteller equals great service.

How Does Neteller Work?

With Neteller you can essentially make free instant transfers to online merchants, make cash withdrawals and Money Transfer / Peer-to-Peer transfers. Here is how. First, you fund your Neteller account via any number of ways; with your credit or debit card, which costs a 1.75% charge or by bank deposit or transfer, which takes a few days longer but is completely free, at least on Neteller’s side. Once you’ve got money in your account you can quickly and securely use it at just about any of your favorite online casinos. A great place to give Neteller a try is All Slots Casino. All Slots is literally world renowned as offering cutting edge promotions and accepting a wide variety of deposit methods, of course including Neteller. Neteller is the perfect way to get rolling quickly and easily at All Slots.

Neteller Means Easy in and Easy Out

Once you’ve mastered funding your Neteller account and using it to fund your casino account (which should take you all of 20 seconds) get ready for the reverse; putting your winnings back into your Neteller account. This is equally as easy but 100 times more rewarding. At a casino like Ladbrokes, for example, you’ll have ample opportunity to utilize your Neteller account as you rake in the winnings on any of their high end Microgaming casino games. Ladbrokes accepts Neteller as one of their preferred payment methods. With free deposits and withdrawals, Neteller will quickly be your preferred payment method at Ladbrokes as well.

Neteller Means Bottom Line

When you use Neteller at your favorite casino, Golden Palace Casino for example, the bottom line is that you’ll be saving time and money and you’ll have the confidence that your money is secure. They don’t play any games so that you can.