Fruit Fiesta Slots

Fruit Fiesta Slots by Microgaming has two different versions of the same game. One version has three reels and three paylines, while the other has five reels and fifteen paylines. The latter is slightly more popular than the former. Fruit Fiesta will remind you of some of the very first slot machines, which were simple to understand and featured the classic fruit symbols on the reels. Players of either version will find oranges, pineapples, limes, plums, melons, bells, 7s, a Scatter symbol, Fruit Fiesta symbols and BARS on the reels. An Easy Play for Newbies. Download and play Fruit Fiesta Slots

Fruit Fiesta slots would be a great choice for newcomers to the amazing world of online slots play. The game is pleasing to the eyes for newbies and seasoned slots players alike. The colors are vibrant and rich and the graphics are pleasingly crisp. Fruit Fiesta is an easy play, and has only one coin value of $0.25, though you can play up to three coins per spin. In order to participate in the Fruit Fiesta Progressive Jackpot, players will need to make the maximum wager of three coins. This low wager amount is just one of the reasons why Fruit Fiesta Slots continue to be so popular. Everyone enjoys the chance to win big with a low wager!

Fruit Fiesta Progressive Jackpot

Players will know quickly if they have won the Progressive Jackpot, for there will be three of the Fruit Fiesta reel icons neatly nestled on the bottom payline in the three-reel version of the game. These same symbols will pay 800 coins if they land on the first payline and 1600 coins if they are on the second line. For the five-reel version, the Progressive jackpot is won by getting five of the Fruit Fiesta reel icons on the 15th payline. The Fruit Fiesta symbol is also the Wild symbol for this game. It will substitute for any other symbol in the game except for the Melon Scatter symbol and the Progressive Jackpot combination of symbols.

Want to Win a Jackpot?

It is said that the Progressive jackpot for Fruit Fiesta Slots pays out nearly every day. While this means that the jackpot won will not be a huge one, players can have the thrill of actually winning a jackpot when they play Fruit Fiesta Slots on a regular basis. Anyone who in interested in playing Progressive slots without having to invest a lot of money would do well to enjoy the fruity fun of Fruit Fiesta Slots.