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Cubis Slots is Mesmerizing and Rewarding Beyond all Imagination

Cryptologic Casinos have come up with an extraordinary slot that is clearly the result of thinking way outside of the box. And that’s irony, since Cubis is a game about boxes. Or more accurately, three dimensional walls of Cubes that converge across 15 paylines every time you “spin” to create a multi-colored virtual prism of winning and payouts. Each round re-configures the rainbow of 3-d cubes into a kaleidoscope of color and prizes as the cubes fall into place and you discover what you’ve won. All you need is 4 or more matching cubes of the same color next to each other and you win a prize. Plus, after the game calculates how much you’ve won on each line, those cubes dissolve, Tetris-style, and make room for more cubes, further increasing your chances of enlarging your haul. All this excitement happens nestled within a constantly shifting background, one more interesting than the next. Download InterCasino today to play Cubis and all the most cutting edge games.

It’s all About the Angles

You don’t have to be a geometrician to appreciate that it’s all about the angles with Cubis. And not just the 90 degree kind either, because there are a lot of angles with this game, and the more you know, the better your chances of winning it big. Aside from only needing 4 of the same color cube in a row to get the money flowing, there are several other possible permutations and combinations of cubes that spell success for you. Keep a close eye out for the three bombs that could land at any moment, blowing up a line, a wall or the whole configuration. The Line Bomb shoots balls of fire in 4 directions, destroying cubes at 90 degree angles on the same face which are then replaced with new cubes and more possible new winning combinations. The Square Bomb destroys all 25 cubes on the same face, also getting replaced and providing more chances for new combinations. The Nuclear Bomb destroys all 75 Cubes on the game board which are then refreshed with all new Cubes. With the Wild Dice substitute, paylines are multiplied by the total showing on the dice, up to 4 times the winning combination!

You Don’t have to be Square to Love Cubis Slots

The beauty of this game is that it will appeal to the scientifically minded as well as the artistic and everyone in between. With so many chances of winning and with such a fresh and simple concept, you’ll never get tired betting the max. Download InterCasino now for your chances of putting together the winning combination at Cubis.

Cubis Slots

ThemePuzzle Game
SoftwareWagerLogic (CryptoLogic)
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