betwareBetware is an experienced gaming platform with 14 years of experience which specializes in state lotteries and now has joined up with Microgaming and is able to offer some of Microgaming top casino games through its customer base to state lotteries and other customers.

The Experience and Attention to Detail of Betware

With over 14 years of experience in the online gaming industry and land based gaming industry; Betware is a leading software and services provider for the casino market. Betware is best known for its attention to detail, customer service and adaptation for the needs of its users. Betware provides a range of different games that are supported with a wide customer service base and around the clock attention to detail. This is all seen time and time again in their specialization for state lotteries where they provide the back up, actual programs and of course customer service.

State Lotteries and Many Other Games and Services from Betware

In addition to the state lotteries, Betware also offers lotto games, instant casino games, sports betting options online, bingo rooms, racing tracks and betting opportunities in addition to skill and multi-player games for many online casinos, gambling sites and casinos. Using its membership of the World Lottery Association and the European Lotteries, Betware has gained a fantastic reputation for the games and services that it provides to the gaming industry. Betware constantly updates its games and services and stays in touch with the changes in technology. Recently it launched new games and services for mobile phones and hand held devices that prove again the devotion to its customers and of course it's staying in tune with the changes in the marketplace.

The Perfect Partnership: Betware and Microgaming

Recently Betware has joined forces with Microgaming who are the leading software producer in the world for online gaming. Together with Microgaming, Betware now offers many of the leading Microgaming slots as part of its portfolio. With this new license to market Microgaming casino games Betware has become one of the leading software providers in the world today. These games from Microgaming are now available to the many state lotteries that Betware supplies and manages which is beneficial to both Betware and Microgaming. Microgaming receives a much larger and widespread customer base and Betware have more to offer to their customers. In addition of course the final customer, the player benefits from both the excellent choice of games and of course the fantastic customer service and back up which is given by Betware and Microgaming. This is a partnership which was meant to be and will just grow from strength to strength.

Betware Top Slots

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