Alien Invasion Slots

Attention Sci-fi buffs! How about a close encounter of the best kind…yes…its green…yes it's small…but it is not an alien…its money! There is nothing unidentified about this! How about a shot at Alien Invasion Slots? Brought to you by Wager Gaming Technology…the theme for this slot game is awesome and compellingly different. Don't expect when you play Alien Invasion Slots to be comically amused because that is not going to happen. Rather, this one is a bit more serious but still loads of fun.

Alien Invasion Slots information

Alien Invasion Slots offers

Alien Invasion Slots offers three reels and one pay line so even those who haven't had any previous experience with online slots will not have a problem with this one. Bet and push…that is all there is to it! It is truly a classic. Don't worry about Scatter Bonus symbols because there are none. There is a multiplier symbol though. When you use it to complete a win it will multiply your wins accordingly.

When you hit a win you will be informed by the alien and the target symbol which will brilliantly flash to let you know that you have a hit! Turn up the volume because the sounds are crazy! Now if you want those big fat jackpots then you have to wager the three coin maximum!

Play with as little as .01 or as much as $10 and since you can wager three coins for the big win you can bet $30 per spin. Alien Invasion Slots is a game that will never bore you!

There is a Wild Symbol…the Laser gun…so when you see it just remember that you can use it to replace any other symbol to make a win for yourself. Double portions win at that!

Alien Invasion Slots does have the Stop Spin feature so you can stop the reels anytime you want to. Sometimes the anticipation is just too much to wait for the reels to stop one at a time! Do you want to play on Auto play? Not a problem! That is easy to set up with just placing your wagers and setting the number of spins and away you go! Get up and make a sandwich…come back with loads of coin!

Alien Invasion Slots has eight winning combinations. Look for the symbols that relate perfectly with the game…the alien, Tentacle Alien, Galaxy, Ray gun, Spaceship, Insect Alien, and the Planet.