3D Casino

3D Casino
888 Casino have always been fantastic innovators but now they have really come out on top with the fantastic and very life like 3D casino. In this innovative casino which is an extension of the regular 888 casino, you can log on to the 3D casinoas a new player or existing player. In the 3D casino you choose your own Avatar character where you can mould him or her to how you feel. Change the color of your hair, add glasses, have bright blue eyes, anything is possible when creating your Avatar. Your Avatar can be a direct copy of what you look like or can be a fantasy character of your dreams. When playing at the 3D casino you can control your Avatar by using the arrow keys up and down and right and left, C speeds him or her up and X slows him down. Your Avatar is the key to casino game play as you guide him around the casino.

Instant Access to 3D Casino with Adobe Shockwave

The excitement does not just stop with the creation of your Avatar at 3D casino, you also can chat with other Avatars who are in the vicinity through a chat function at the top of the screen and you can include preset gestures in your actions and even make buddies if you are in the same room at the same time. At the beginning of your play which can be for fun or real money, once you have entered the casino, you are provided with a map of the layout of the room. Since the casino is played in instant flash form as long as you have Adobe Shockwave, you do not have to wait for anything to download, it is all instant. The map gives you an idea of where all the games are, there are slots and roulette and blackjack games to play and if you are a high roller player there is a special corner for you too.

Generous Bonuses and Promotions for New and Existing Players

The games are exactly as in the regular casino with leading slots games such as Beat the Bank and Dragon Master but the big difference is of course that you are playing the game yourself with your Avatar standing there and controlling the actions. It is all 3D and very realistic with full interaction on your part. If you already have an 888 account then it is no trouble for you to start playing the 3D version of the casino but you must make sure that you take advantage of the special offers and bonuses that are given for new and existing players. As a new player to the 3D 888.com casino you can benefit from GBP8 free to try out any of the games in addition to a sign up deposit match bonus of GBP100 and for a limited time there is also a free giveaway bonus of GBP100. As a VIP player at 888.com 3D casino you also benefit from extra bonuses and prizes for a limited time and other promotions until October 4th.

Customer Service, Deposit Options and Security

At 888.com 3D casino you can use all of the existing services of the main casino, this includes of course a fantastic range of ways to make deposits which are secure and easy to use, including Visa, Pay pal, Ukash, Moneybookers (Skrill), Paysafecard and many more. Every transaction is totally secure and encrypted with no chance of fraud. There is a 24 hour 7 day a week customer service department who can be contacted by phone, fax and email and even live chat. They are available to answer your every question or discussion at any time. Once you start playing at the 888.com 3D casino there is no going back, it is fun, lively, socially rewarding and of course offers great chances to win at casino games. The 888.com 3D casino is the ultimate in full online casino entertainment and gaming and not something to be missed.