Viking Slots - Why all the Fuss?

There is no genre or topic more popular than Viking themed slots. The legend of the Norsemen has captivated people for generations. The whole mythology, culture and history make for great gaming. The qualities of the Vikings come across correctly incorporated into a great slot theme. The aggression, fear, courage and willingness to take chances are all divine qualities for gamblers. Viking themes encapsulate the essence of slots in many ways. The sheer number of quality slots by leading game developers is a testament to this fact. There are more slots with Viking themed than any other theme or topic. One look at an online casino’s game selection will reveal this point to be true.

History of the Vikings

Where did it all begin? Early records point to between 800 and 1100 A.D. Originating from parts of Scandinavia, namely; Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, the Vikings reign of terror still resonates today. Their abilities as seamen are legendary and many of the world’s shipping lines still have captains from Scandinavia! Besides being raiders, pillaging villages in countries they invaded, the Vikings were also skilled traders.

Viking Slot Action

While there are many slots with Viking themed, it’s not always easy to find one who really delivers on the promise of excitement. Some of these mythologically influenced slots have some great game features built around the Norse theme. Many of these Viking themed slots feature impressive graphics and active sound effects to accompany the gameplay, besides transporting players back to ancient times.

Viking Features

There are so many different features to be found on Viking slot games that fit perfectly into the theme. Free Spins, Wilds and Scatters combined with Thor, Ragnar, Valhalla, Long Boats, Viking weapons, culture and traditions. They blend seamlessly to form supreme gaming with the most popular theme used in slots today.

Welcome to Valhalla

There are several reasons why Norse themed slots are becoming more abundant. The better Viking themed slots provide an immersive gaming experience. That alone is not enough, which is gambling, not sport or practice, if the games do not have casino features also incorporated into the slot, the game will fall flat on its back. The key is to amalgamate the theme with the casino gambling action. Find a slot that manages that, and you are on your way to Valhalla and a possible high Viking payout. Somewhere out there in the snow and ice, up in the freezing Vikings’ domain of Scandinavia, awaits Viking immortality. To die with a sword in hand during battle; translated to today’s terms; a jackpot payout to dwarf all jackpots, in a world that intrigues and entertains in equal measures. The Vikings’ kingdom, a perfect match with casino slots. A marriage made in Valhalla.