Treasure Nile Online Progressive Slots

A visit to the land of the Pharaoh’s is always a pleasure for many people, the rich history of the ancient ones who left a legacy that far surpasses anything the world has known, with king Tutankhamen’s incredible treasure to please you and the mysteries of the pyramids, the Sphinx all keep one guessing and wondering about those far off days. This slots machine by microgaming is bright, colorful and very cheerful. In addition it is also a progressive so the chances of a very big win are very good.

A king’s ransom in winnings

This interesting game is slightly different in its coin size as it is fixed at 50 cents per payline, the game is played on five reels and impressive nine paylines so your maximum bet is only $4.50 across all the paylines, this is a relative low payment spin, and it is in your interests to play on every payline as you only win on an enabled payline. You certainly don’t want to lose out on that impressive progressive jackpot. Check the casino that you play to see where the progressive stands. There are several Microgaming Casinos that participate in this progressive jackpot so be sure to be there to be in line to win.

To win the progressive jackpot you need the Pharaoh

As the Supreme Ruler of ancient Egypt the Pharaoh was an impressive figure who controlled his people, and the state of the land. It is thanks to these Pharaoh’s that those wonderful monuments still stand today for many people to enjoy. On this slots game Pharaoh is definitely the supreme ruler of the game, by betting the maximum number of coins, and five pharaohs appear on the ninth payline you will win that progressive jackpot, so it is important that you make sure that you bet max every time you spin the reels.

Progressive jackpots usually start with an impressive amount to begin and continues to grow as people play at the various casinos, this growth continues until one person hits those five pharaohs, then it returns to the original starting point and begins to grow again.

The progressive is not the only chance to win on this slots game

A wild symbol on a slots game is a substitute symbol for all the other symbols when it complete a winning combination, that is all except the scatter symbol and the wild symbol on this game is the pyramid. The scatter symbol is one that can be scattered anywhere on the reels; the scatter on this game is that very sacred symbol the scarab, get three or more anywhere on the reels and you will receive a payout.

Ancient Egypt was full of symbols

Invoking the ancient mysteries of Egypt on this slots game one needs those wonderful symbols to do so. Many people have been puzzled by the Sphinx, the Ankh is a cross with a loop which is considered the symbol of life. The Egyptian god of tombs was represented by the Anubis, who looks like a man with a Jackal head. To complete the symbols on this game is the papyrus scroll, a cobra, a necklace, a column, a ship and other symbols; check the paytable to see what each one pays out.

Casinos that participate in the progressive jackpot are Microgaming Casinos , so head to your favorite, open your account, fund the account and start playing Treasure Nile Online Progressive Slots.