The Appeal Of Multiple Reels

Everyone that has played slots in a casino or online will have his or her own favorite game. While some players like the more traditional three reel slots, more and more online gaming sites are offering a huge number of five and seven reel slots for players that want a lot of action and potential for winning.

Three Reel Classic Slots

Classic or traditional slots offer three reels and one payline. These games are the backbone of slot machine play and can still be a lot of fun. Many of the newer three reel slots still have bonus games, wild symbols and even scatter symbols. Multiplier symbols allow your winnings on any particular spin to double or triple, making this a good way to get started playing slots if you are new to the casino.

Five Reel Games

Five reel games have been around for a significant amount of time both in casinos and online. However, the online and casino versions of the original games have been upgraded to include more elaborate and realistic graphics as well as bonus games that are videos, providing a great break from the slot action when the bonus game is triggered. Five reel games offer a wide variety of options as well. This can include scatter symbols, which typically trigger free spins when displayed anywhere on the reels on a given spin. Most games require the scatter symbol appear three times on the screen in the spin to trigger up to 15 bonus spins. This is a terrific way to really add to your payout and balance since the spins don't cost you anything.

Seven Reel Games

Seven reel games tend to be less common than the five reel games, but there are some terrific options out there. With seven different reels and multiple paylines there is all the action and winning opportunity any gambler could want. Some of the seven reel games offer bonus games, wild symbols and other features that add to the appeal of the game.

All of the games from classic three reel to the multi-line betting action of the five and seven reel options come with a variety of features. Online gamers will enjoy the music, background of a real casino as well as the high resolution graphics that go along with the game. Since most games are themes, you can try out several and find which game appeals to your inner gambler, making a perfect combination for a lot of fun and winning potential.