SG Gaming (Scientific Games)

Software is the backbone of online casino gaming. It is at the very heart of the industry as nothing can function without software. The software runs the site, games, payment systems, privacy and security of players as well as the online casino itself.

The software is also responsible for the complicated calculations and Fair Play systems do that players are treated fairly and have a concrete chance of winning. Therefore, the software is the "acid test" for any good online casino.

Going that Extra Mile

Scientific Gaming has gone that extra mile to provide something really special. Streamlined and super efficient, the software is designed was the one thing in mind: you; the user. Making the experience as seamless and pleasurable as possible.

Best of the Best

Choosing the best is not easy, however the huge demand and proliferation of online casinos has in turn created a plethora of software providers set up to cater for the increased demand of new games and new online casinos all needing specific and complex software. Indeed, the outcomes of casino games are unpredictable and uncertain. They were designed to have these outcomes decided with a Random Number Generator (RNG). After rigorous testing and retesting, the software is finally put into use making sure the players are not prone to scams and/or unethical behaviour from the casino's end.

To avoid the problems plaguing the online industry at the outset operators struggled to prove their operating systems were reliable and security protocols were followed and most of all that their games were reliable and fair. This necessitated further innovation, improvement and advancement in software and technology but also focusing on internet privacy, security and integrity.

With such a wide array of slot games all having different layout, themes, design and rules. It is no easy task ensuring the software is compatible with all casinos' own software and various users' devices. Not to forget that some slots have Progressive Jackpots which can pay out huge cash amounts at the touch of a button and spin of the reels. Then there are the Table Games and Card Games which are so unpredictable and need special software designed for each one.

All in all Scientific Games has ensured that the software employed on all platforms is compatible, user friendly, efficient and pleasing to the eye. Being a pioneer in the field of iGaming and online casinos, Scientific Games brings the very best not only in games but also the software employed for you; the players to have the best experience possible on any online casino anywhere in the world.