Quarter Slots

Who said playing online casino games drains your bank account? With quarter slots, you play today's hottest slot games without risking a lot of cash. That's less than the price of a lottery ticket and slot games are a lot more fun to play!

With a meager 25-cent bet, you could walk away with millions. In fact, one lucky winner took winnings of over $13 million on a 25-cent bet. Imagine the rush you'd get with a jackpot win of that nature! Best of all, the payouts on quarter slots are high. Depending on the casino, you could find the right machine with a payout percentage as high as 95%.

How Quarter Slots Really Work

What people don't realize about quarter slots is that they really are programmed to award the jackpot prize at random. You don't have to play for hours on end before you win the jackpot prize. Many winners hit the jackpot in the first few minutes of playing.

When the jackpot is won, that doesn't automatically mean that there will be no winners for a long, long time. The truth is that the jackpot can be awarded hours, days, weeks or even months from that last win. It's all random, the gaming industry makes sure of it, so there's no way to predict when the next win will occur.

Play Quarter Slots Within Reason

Before playing any quarter slots game, make sure you set a limit. Make a promise to yourself that you will play for no more than a set amount of time or money and stick to that promise.

Once you've reached that cap, stop playing. This way, you won't spend more than you planned and feel incredibly guilty afterward.

Favorite Online Quarter Slots

Fruit Salad SlotsFruit Salad Jackpot Slots is an exciting fruit themed slot game. Bet just 25 cents and win thousands in the jackpot prize. All it takes is three bar symbols to walk away with a pocket full of cash.

Pinata Fiesta SlotsPinata Fiesta Slots is a quarter slots game from Vegas Tech. With a maximum win of 2,400 coins and multipliers worth up to 4x, there's a lot of cash awaiting that lucky winner.

Sevens and Stripes SlotsSevens & Stripes quarter slots offers patriotic flair. The red, white and blue themed game is certain to get you buzzing as you spin for that progressive jackpot. Even if you don't win the jackpot prize, the second level prize of 4,800 coins is extremely worthwhile.

Play your favorite quarter slots online today. Who knows, you may wind up a millionaire for less than your morning cup of coffee.