Pub Fruity Online Fruit Machine

If you are from the United States, you may have heard the term "fruit machine", and wondered what it meant. A fruit machine is the moniker given to what Americans call Slot Machines. Fruit machines are hugely popular in the United Kingdom, and can be found in both pubs and clubs there. As in the US, the games have many designs, features, and themes. The machines located in pubs have restricted payouts, and most will not award a prize of over 5000 GBP.

UK Pubs Start the Trend

Once fruit machines appeared online, people all over the world could enjoy the versatility of this UK favorite with its innovative nudge feature. One of the most popular of the games in this genre is Pub Fruity. If you're curious about what game play would be like in a pub scenario, look no further than the delights of Pub Fruity Online Fruit Machine. You can play virtual darts, flirt with a virtual barmaid, and win some very real money playing Pub Fruity!

Classic Game Design and Graphics

The simple design of Pub Fruity features three reels and one payline. The minute players see the layout of the game, there will be no doubt in their minds that they have arrived at THE virtual pub. A lovely barmaid stands to one side of the reel, which are set in a wood-toned background. Scattered on this background are game options posing as signs. These options include Bonus Nudge, Free Spin, 4x Multiplier, and 500x Jackpot.

Check Out the Paytable

The paytable in the upper left hand corner is a gold mine of information for players curious about which reel combinations offer the biggest payouts. It is a good idea to review the paytable before starting to play Pub Fruity Online Fruit machine.

Reel Symbols Herald Wins

Reel symbols for Pub Fruity Online Fruit Machine are classic in their simplicity. Players will see a Lemon, a Watermelon, a Pub Fruity Logo, Cherries, Grapes, Oranges, Bar and Bell symbols. These symbols seem fresh and new when players from the US discover they can use both a Hold and a Nudge feature in Pub Fruity to help influence what reel combinations they end up with.

More About Pub Fruity

Coin denominations used in Pub Fruity range from $0.10 to $10.00, making the game attractive to players on a slots budget as well as high rollers. The maximum jackpot in the game is 1000 coins, and the maximum bet is one coin or $10.00. Pub Fruity does not have a Wild or a Scatter symbol, nor does the game offer any Free Spins. The game does have a Bonus feature, where players must choose the virtual player they think will win a golf match, which takes place on a second screen.

Pub Fruity Rocks!

Pub Fruity Online Fruit Machine is a perfect introduction to the atmosphere and fun that can be have in an English Pub. Play Pub Fruity today!