Bitcash (BCC), or BCC Cash, attempts to fulfil the promise of Peer-to-Peer electronic cash. Bitcash can be used at merchants as well as users are empowered with low fees and reliable and secure confirmations. Looking ahead, it is not hard to see Bitcash growing exponentially, with a worldwide appeal. Besides being decentralised and permissionless.

Top Bitcash/BCC Casinos

Unique Qualities of Bitcash

There are several reasons why Bitcash is quickly gaining in popularity. The many advantages the coins offer, especially to players at online casinos, make Bitcash an attractive option. Following the original plan of global adoption, Bitcash offers on chain scalability, which primarily acts as a multiplier, increasing accessibility to the coins worldwide, without restrictions. There’s a maximum supply of 28 million, and just 6.5 million is available through crowdsale.

New Security Features

Bitcash offers users additional and new security features. The New Transaction Signatures is a brand new SigHash that provides replay protection as well as better hardware for eWallet security and safety, which substantially eliminates the quadratic hashing problem. Another new addition is the New Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA); this is a Responsive Proof-of-Work difficulty adjustment, which permits miners to migrate away from the legacy Bitcoin chain easily and quickly. At the same time, providing further protection against hashrate fluctuations.

The Future is Secure

With a Decentralised Development, several teams of independent developers will provide software implementations, and this means the future is bright and positive. Bitcash is decentralised, therefore, no individual, group or agency can control it.

Unique Features of Bitcash

Bitcash offers unparalleled benefits and unique advantages. For a start, BCC can be deposited at an online casino. The coins can be bought easily on the BCC Cash Exchange, and this ease of accessibility is a significant factor. BCC Cash can also be traded and exchanged. Buying BCC Cash now means the price ‘may‘ increase exponentially, in the months and years to come. As an investment, BItcash offers a bright future. Furthermore, there is also a lending scheme, whereby Bitcash’s development team pay up to 45% per month for participants of the scheme. Bitcash turns that money into more money, thereby paying 45% per month, in exchange for locking up the coins. Staking a coin for six months, for instance, receives a 66% revenue for that stake! When it comes to the actual team behind Bitcash, or appears to consist of people from a non-English speaking country, which could be anywhere in the world.