AstroPay Card

When it comes to virtual, prepaid cards, AstroPay Card has become a leading provider. The popularity of AstroPay Card is increasing enough for people to start taking notice. It has begun to be accepted at some of the more forward-looking online casinos, so it has undoubtedly become a safe, viable option to transfer and receive funds. Although mainly used in Asia and Latin America, the AstroPay Card is growing more widespread in other continents, such as the USA and Europe. The cards offer complete anonymity, safety, minimal cost, and lots of conveniences! There is no need to share personal details, or financial information, as AstroPay Card dies away with all that.

How to get AstroPay Cards

One would have to sign up to AstroPay, which can be done very quickly, even through Facebook! Once players sign up, they can purchase prepaid cards, which can be sent by mail, or electronically by email. The card will include a 16 digit code, and an expiry date, which is similar to standard bank card procedures. Players will need to choose the value of the card they would like to buy, and remit payment in local currency, via a bank transfer, using a debit or credit card, or even a cash deposit.

Casinos offering AstroPay Card Banking

In order to use an AstroPay Card at an online casino, players need to ensure the payment, or withdrawal method is accepted. A quick glance at the website will reveal the banking methods that particular online casino allows. If they do, then you are free to deposit and withdraw at will. All takes at checkout, is merely choosing that payment method, filling in the necessary fields, using the email, and the transactions will be processed immediately. That means there is no waiting to withdraw funds, and it will be instantaneous! And it doesn’t get better, or faster than that!

The AstroPay Card

AstroPay Cards are valid for 12 months and can be used multiple times until the balance is exhausted. Players can purchase as many of the cards as they want, and can also choose the exact values of them, however, they cannot be reloaded. All payment are processed by the reputable company, AstroPay Brazil Ltd. The flexibility, confidentiality and safety AstroPay Card offer online players, such as yourself, is unparalleled up until now. All the major world currencies are accepted, and the freedom AstroPay Card offers players is another bonus. The card then becomes a virtual credit or debit card and is used in precisely the same way. The best thing about AstroPay Cards is that they are free to use, there are no charges. It seems like it’s too good to be true, but the benefits are real and palpable. Players from around the world can benefit from the confidentiality and secrecy the card offers. In an insecure world, it is refreshing to have such a secure method to transfer funds to, and from an online casino, and play at the casino you choose, without restrictions. AstroPay Card is the payment method of the future, available right now, in the present.

AstroPay Card Online Casinos