Apple Pay

When making online payments, simplicity, security and speed are essential qualities. Wire transfers and eChecks make you wait before the transaction is done. Credit and debit cards are straightforward to use and pay instantly, however, you will have to provide your account number to complete the transaction. This is where digital wallet services come in. Online payment systems like PayPal and Apple Pay let customers purchase products or services quickly while keeping the banking information private. Though still entirely new, Apple Pay’s availability is expanding fast and is now being offered by several online casinos as a means to fund gaming accounts.

What exactly is Apple Pay?

As with the majority of Apple products, Apple Pay’s popularity is proliferating. Not only is it readily available online, but you can now find it at grocery stores, gas stations, KFC and Starbucks. Apple Pay is an excellent payment option because it offers several benefits like security and safety. Every Apple Pay transaction gets its own encryption. The service offers fraud protection, in addition to your credit card’s protective measures. Privacy is another benefit. You will never have to share your credit or debit card details with merchants. Instead, you just need to log onto your Apple ID account or use Touch ID. It is speedy, and it works like your credit card, delivering your payments instantly. International coverage: is another perk and Apple Pay services are now being accepted in more and more countries and companies every year. The Cool Factor is that your payments at a brick-and-mortar store will be completed wireless while you show off your brand new Apple gear.

How did Apple Pay start out?

Throughout most of 2013, Apple worked diligently and confidentially with the three major credit card companies in the world, also many of the more significant American banks, to collaborate on encrypted digital token payment systems. The result was that Apple Pay was announced in 2014 as a much safer alternative to magnetic stripe credit cards. Initially limited to usage within American bank-issued credit cards, Apple Pay was soon later released in the United Kingdom, Canada and China. Major retailers started using Apple Pay at their physical stores, and by 2017, Apple Pay was available in over 25 countries. Hundreds of department stores, groceries and clothing companies, as well as restaurants and gas stations, use Apple Pay on-site or online now.

Using Apple Pay

To start off with, you will need the following items. You will need a compatible device such as iPhone 6 and 7 models, the latest iPad mini, the Pro and Air models, the Apple Watch MacBook Pro with its Touch ID, and the latest operating system for your devices. At least one credit or debit card is also needed. Once you have all these ready, here are the next steps. You will need to sign into your iCloud account by using your Apple ID information. Then, open up the Wallet app, tap or Click the Add Credit or Debit Card tab. Follow the onscreen prompts then you can add your credit or debit card. Click Next. The card issuer will then review your Apple Pay application. If they need further verification information, they will request it. Once your card has been approved, click on Next. Now you are all ready to use Apple Pay. You may add up to eight cards on a single device.

Paying with Apple Pay

When at a brick-and-mortar store, keep a lookout for the Apple Pay icons at check out. If Apple Pay is available at that store, hold your phone an inch from the reader and place your finger upon the Touch ID button. Then, a check mark and the word Done will appear, and your payment will be complete. If you need to switch cards, hold your phone right over the reader and avoid touching the Touch ID button. You will later be prompted to choose your card. Websites and apps using Apple Pay will have the Apple Pay icons located on the cart or the checkout screens. Paying requires only one click or an Apple ID login. You won't have to enter your card information. As long as your Apple account contains your correct shipping address, you won't need to enter that data either.

Apple Pay for Casino Deposits

As Apple Pay expands its reach into stores and websites, it has also started to appear as a funding option at several online casinos and gambling websites. If this payment method is offered at your favourite casino website, here is why you really should start using Apple Pay. Your credit or debit card information will remain private because you will never have to provide it to a casino or merchant. If you ever lose your Apple Pay device, you can shut off the payment service instantly. Each transaction is encrypted with unique security digital tokens which have two levels of fraud protection. There is one from Apple Pay, and the other from the card issuer. You can use it virtually anywhere you want with your iPhone or Apple Watch. You can also keep enjoying your miles or point reward benefits. Payments are instantaneous just like with a credit or debit card. It is becoming a popular international payment system as more countries and retailers join up.

Apple Pay is Safe at an Online Casino

Though Apple Pay is secure, safe and mobile, make sure to take further steps to protect yourself. Limit who uses the Touch ID on your iPhone. Avoid making any payments when you are connected to a risky unsecured wireless network. Never ever reply to emails that ask for your Apple ID login details. Monitor all your transactions for the cards that are linked to your Apple Pay. Report any suspicious charges directly to Apple and to your credit card company straightaway.

Using Apple Pay at online casinos

Making online gambling deposits to your casino account with Apple Pay is very similar to other online payment services. First review the casino’s deposit limits and other requirements before starting the following. Log onto your online casino account. If you have not created one yet, be sure you do, or else you won't have anything to fund! Click the site’s Cashier and Banking links. Finally, select the Deposit link or tab. Review your depositing options and then select Apple Pay or the Apple Pay icon. There will be no need to enter your card or bank information. Instead, you can sign into your Apple ID account. Some casinos may have a designated Apple Pay button that will allow you to skip the entire login step. Enter your deposit amount, and keep in mind what the site’s deposit requirements are as well as your credit or banking limits. Review the Terms and Conditions section, then click the Accept button or the related checkbox. The transaction will be processed instantly just like a credit card payment would. Once the funds land in your account, it is time to hit the casino games. Since Apple Pay is essentially a payment system, and because it is still entirely new for the casino world, it might not yet be available as a withdrawal option.