Ten Times Wins Slots

The Rival Gaming group created Ten Times Wins Slots, which offers players three reels and traditional symbols. It has a very distinctive "old school" vibe to it, which is quite the rage in the industry at this time. While some slot players thrive on the most modern and innovative slots, other players find them confusing and unnecessary. Thus, the retro slot game style is making a significant comeback. Ten Times Wins is definitely a retro classic online slot, but it has excellent graphics that make it feel fresh. It comes with three reels and an easy-to-understand format.

Familiar Slot Symbols Provide Nostalgia For Classic Slot Lovers: Ten Times Wins Slots

The slot symbols in Ten Times Wins Slots are very classic and include 7s, cherries, and BARs. To make a winning combination in Ten Times Wins Slots, a player must land three matching symbols in a row. There is nothing complicated to grasp with this online slot game, as players simply need to make their wager, spin the reels, and patiently wait for a winning combination to arrive. The lowest-paying symbols of the Ten Times Wins Slots game are the BAR symbols, with the blue BAR symbols paying 15 coins, the green BAR symbols paying 30 coins, and the triple red BAR symbols paying 45 coins. The 7s symbols are the next level in the pay table chain, with blue 7s paying 60 coins, green 7s paying 90 coins, and red 7s paying 120 coins. However, the game does come with a gold 10x multiplier symbol that can drastically improve the payouts.

How To Play Ten Times Wins Slots

Players will find it very intuitive to play Ten Times Wins Slots. They simply need to choose a coin size from $0.01 to $5 and take a spin on the reels. The game does come with a jackpot of $25,000, but in order to be eligible to win this jackpot, a player must be spinning with a maximum wager. While Ten Times Wins Slots is extremely basic, there is an excellent opportunity for players to win a lot of cash. Between the jackpot offering and the 10x multiplier symbols, the payouts can quickly add up to be quite impressive.

Ten Times Wins Slots is an ideal slot for those who do not want to spend a lengthy amount of time learning loads of different rules to a new slot game. This game can be loaded and played quickly due to its simplicity of it.