The Most Popular Online Pokies Games In New Zealand

When someone uses the term pokie or pokies machine in this context, they mean a slot machine. It is short for the initial name used by slot machines from the 1900s in Australia for poker machines. Poker machines first turned into pokies, which evolved. In Australia, people play pokies in clubs, pubs, and land-based and online casinos. It is essential to know this term if you plan to spend some time in Australia.

History of Pokies And The Liberty Bell

Before video poker became ubiquitous, a few New York businessmen invented the five-reel machine. They printed fifty playing cards on these five reels, which stopped at various combos as the reels spun. However, it was only four years later, in 1895, that the first machine appeared, partially resembling today's pokie machines. The Liberty Bell is by Charles Fey, whose three-reel machines featured similar playing card symbols on the reels and the golden Liberty Bell symbol.

After Australia legalized pokies in 1956, pubs in NSW saw an influx of pokie machines, and they soon spread across the country. NSW still boasts the most pokies in Oz. Aristocrat Leisure was established in NSW in 1953 to provide pokie machines throughout Oz. Aristocrat still produces land-based and online pokie games, and in 2005 the Australian firm took over US-based Video Gaming in a $1.3 billion deal. In the process, Aristocrat tripled the number of its pokie machines in North America.

Different Types of Pokies

There are many types of pokies games, such as progressive jackpot slots, traditional payline pokies, modern ways, mega spin slots, three and five-reel pokies, and more. In this article, we detail all the types of pokies available for online players to indulge in while playing for real money and practicing online pokies. While plenty of brick-and-mortar casinos around the world offer a plethora of pokies poker slots, the variety is far more expansive than that available online. With continuous development, online and mobile casinos have been able to use top interactive gaming software providers to develop their top-notch and high-quality slot machines with various formats, styles, and play options. So whether planning a memorable trip to the casino or just relaxing at the pub with your mates, you can expect to find pokie machines on this list. Of course, some are more common than others, but you can find these games with minimal effort.

Pokies Features

Online pokies game developers have so much freedom in the software they create, which is why no two online poker games are ever the same. The bonus features found in an online pokies game vary from title to title and may include just one particular part or several different bonus games. Bonus features are why some online games are more popular than others. However, once you've played online for a while, you'll notice that even some older, more outdated pokies remain very popular because of their bonus features. There is no shortage of substantial bonus games and special features in online pokies.

The Best Online Pokies in New Zealand

There are many games to choose from, but we know what New Zealand loves. Pokies is a category of casino games that is hard to compete in regarding gaming satisfaction, and what's the best part about it? Players are welcome to an online database of free online pokies as well as real money pokies. So if you're looking for something fresh, new, and popular, look no further than these best online pokies.


The kind of longevity Starburst has had in the New Zealand pokies world is almost unheard of, and the developer first launched the game in 2012. It immediately became one of the most popular options in the gaming world and has maintained this position ever since.

Wolf Gold

A relative newcomer, Wolf Gold is a bit of a unique title in a few different ways. Firstly, its Native American theme is quite different and separates it from all the other pokies in New Zealand. Secondly, the player interface and control panel are much more advanced - with plenty of opportunities to play on five different reels on 25 different paylines.

Bigger Bass Bonanza

Bigger Bass Bonanza is another big title by Pragmatic Play and their partner Reel Kingdom. Chances are pretty good if you've played pokies in New Zealand before you've played Big Bass Bonanza. Bigger Bass Bonanza takes everything the original did well and turns it up to 11. You get an extra row of bets, several new paylines, and the potential for a 4000x multiplier that can send your potential jackpots through the roof.

Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza combines the pokies' world of playing digital slots with the surreal world of Willy Wonka's super sugar and candy into a fun and potentially profitable mix. Pragmatic Play was also behind this title. They released it back in 2019, and it didn't take long for it to hit the charts in New Zealand. Six different reels, five different rows, and a host of group play opportunities open up plenty of potential for serious wins.

Big Bass Bonanza

Big Bass Bonanza is similar to the older Fishin Frenzy series of pokies, and it has become a popular online slot game in New Zealand shortly after its launch. Reel Kingdom knew it had a winner almost immediately. Since its launch, they have added different elements, payout potentials, and game systems to keep things new and fresh.

John Hunter And The Book of Tut

Fans of the Indiana Jones movies will love the look and feel of this game from Pragmatic Play. Similar to Book of the Ra and Book of Ra, John Hunter and Book of Tut borrow heavily from the Egyptian mythology of agents to create a fun and engaging pokie.

How to Win at Pokies

Although the main reason to play online pokies is to have fun, we all want to win. So be sure to read the game and make sure it has a fair return for the player. This percentage indicates how much the game pays over time. For example, a 98% RTP means players get $98 back for every $100 they receive. Only play games with generous returns. Although RTP is the most crucial aspect of pokies mechanics, volatility plays a role. That determines how often the slot game pays out. Games with lower volatility tend to pay out more often, with lower-than-average payouts. High volatility pokies are not for you if you are prone to stress after a long losing streak. Whenever you bet your own money in an online casino, there is a risk of losing.

Best Pokies Bonuses

The obvious benefit and reason for claiming a casino bonus are to have additional funds. Casinos offer welcome bonuses and packages of varying sizes, but they typically range from $200 to $1,000 with a deposit of 100% to 200%. That means you can find a casino that will give you $1,000 free to deposit that amount. Free in this scenario doesn't mean free, as these bonuses have wagering requirements, which are conditions you must meet to withdraw funds.


Pokies are a recent online gambling phenomenon that you can find in many casinos. The games are easy to play, with a chance to gain big jackpots. Therefore, finding a reputable site that offers a decent selection of games is crucial to get the best pokies in New Zealand.