PointsBet Bonuses

PointsBet is a terrific new bonus system from Down Under online bookmakers offering exceptional traditional fixed odds for sports betting. The new format for sports betting is the first in the world. Essentially, PointsBetting offers variable wins and losses that rely on how accurate your forecast rate is. The innovative system that PointsBetting uses makes sports betting that much more fun as the amount you can win depends on flexible odds that depend on how much your bet wins. Available betting options include MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and a lot more. PointsBet offers an exhilarating, immersive, and rewarding sports betting experience never seen before. Everything matters: from the basket to the goal, from yard to point. PointsBetting offers an entirely different fixed odds betting experience, and the potential winnings are varied to the end.

PointsBet System

Let's take a closer look at PointsBetting's features. For example, if your bet wins by one point or by one, you win a 1-time bet. If the bet wins with 2 points, you win two times your bet. If it wins by ten, you win ten times your stake. Finally, if your bet loses, you lose by one unit, and if you lose by ten, you only lose 10x your wager.

Types of Bets

Several betting options depend on minutes or even seconds for individual sporting events, and you can use seconds or minutes as multiplier units. Alternative bets for the NBA include the time a player's or team's first free throw, the time the player passes 3 points, 5, 10, or 15 points, the time of the first foul, and much more. You can bet on the time of the first goal for the NFL, the first behind, and the team to score 10 or 20 points. For Rugby League and Union, you can bet on the player's first try, and the team's first try time. With ice hockey, you can stake on the timing of the first goal, team goals, early penalty, and first kick. For football, bet types include team time and foremost goal of the match, second and third.

PointsBet Bonus Offers

Without a doubt, the best PointsBet feature is its unique system is its many bonuses, benefits, and exceptional rewards. In addition, registration at PointsBet bookmaker brings many alternative and original bonuses. So let's look at the PointsBet bonus options.

No-Risk Welcome Bonus

When you sign up for PointsBet, you can claim two risk-free bets up to $2,000 and a refund of up to $500 in transit or free bets if the bet isn't a winning one. If your first PointsBetting does not win, you will also receive a free bet refund of up to $1,500. The welcome promotion is up to $2,000, and free bet refunds are available within 24 hours.

Free Bets on Daily Game

Lovely Paige releases a specific game of the day at noon. Once you place a bet of $50 or more on Paige's choice, you will automatically receive $3 free bets on every three-point field shot scored by your selected team. For example, if your chosen team manages to achieve ten three-point field goals during any game, you will receive a $ 30 free bet. The offer is only available for pre-game main distribution bets, and only cash bets are allowed with no free chances. Moreover, bets on alternative spreads are not allowed. Both teams are qualified for the game; however, you can only bet on one team to be eligible for the promotion. If you bet on both sides of the spread, you risk accessing all future promos.

Cash-out bets are not eligible for the promotion, and the free bet is only available for singles, and the express stakes are not available. Free bet credit to your account one hour after the end of the game. There are no carryover requirements for free bets so that you can forget about the excessive and confusing wagering requirements, so you have no wagering requirements for all of your free bets. The requirements for deposit bonuses are only 1x, so if you deposit $100, you only need to roll over your deposit once. There are also no wagering requirements on bonus bet wins, and you can withdraw your funds immediately.

Referral Bonus up to $ 100 in Free Bets

There are increasing odds of NFL and NBA spreads every day. PointsBet offers the best NBA and NFL Illinois extended odds. The Best Odds moneyline is for standard cash line per game versus competing sites, Illinois Sportsbooks' non-promotional offerings, and traditional cash lines. For example, the odds for betting on points will be 150, while other sites offer 160. The best odds are for classic play lines versus competing sites. For example, if the Chicago Bears have a -3 odds at a bet of 110, the other operators will have 120. Normal trading restrictions apply, and PointsBet may limit the number of promotions available to you during a given period.

Multiple Multiplayer Points per Game

You can increase your personalized pars as much as you want every day. First, create any 3+ stage multi bet, enter the bet amount and select one Booster per day to win even more. There are special Booster Terms of Service. Any inconsistency between the current rules and the Booster rules, then the Booster Rules shall prevail. The traditional sports betting rules also apply to your Booster bets. Bets are not available for all bet types and are only for those identified by PointsBet. The actual price available when using your Booster is at PointsBet's discretion. Moreover, you cannot cash booster bets out.

Single-Game Parlay for NBA

The 1-game express is available in all NBA games. You must select the NBA game you want to bet on and select the Single Game Accumulator from the event menu. You can choose your legs, place bets, and watch the action in one game. Normal trading limits apply, and the feature is on the NBA games page under the Single Game Parlay tab.

NBA Bet Insurance

You can get insurance if you place a 1-game express bet on NBA games with 3+ players. You can get up to $ 25 back if even one leg fails. In addition, you can claim refunds of up to one free bet per day. Eligible Games are all NBA games. Moreover, only bets on multiples on one game, which consists of 3+ stages, are allowed, and bets on multiples of two sets are not accepted. Exactly one step of the express must fail for you to meet the requirements. Over express bets are not taken. You can claim a maximum of one Free Bet per day. Promotional offer does not include free bets; only cash bets count. The maximum free bet refund limit is $25. Using the withdrawal function will void your eligibility for a refund of your free bet. The minimum total price of the express is +100, and bets on the express are not accepted. Refunds for Free Bets will be paid to you the day after your chosen Multi bet results until 8:00 am.

Awards & Daily Bonus Points

You earn bonus points for every PointsBet your place. You get a bonus point for your $5 fixed odds to bet and a bonus point for every $1 multi bet. So you receive bonus points in exchange for every dollar you win or lose with PointsBetting.

Early Payments Feature

You can cash out NBA spreads and totals ahead of time, allowing you to settle your bets or collect your winnings early. That refers to whether your bet wins or you need to pay the losing bet and save some of your total bet. The cash-out feature is only available for NBA games. Once you have cashed and paid your chance, you cannot cancel it.

PointsBet Sports Markets

All popular sports betting markets are represented here, including baseball, basketball, boxing, cycling, cricket, darts, soccer, golf, hockey, MMA, entertainment, auto racing, rugby league and union, soccer, and tennis. Moreover, many new markets are available. For example, PointsBet offers more NBA and NFL betting markets than any bookmaker in the world. Betting options that aren't available elsewhere include quarterback completion percentage, player yards gained, first touchdown time in seconds, player throw percentage, and player first basket time. You can also access player point multipliers, Q1 multiplied by Q2 points, time in minutes played for each player to pass, FG's longest distance in feet reached, player points, assists, and rebounds.