Superbowl Slots

The Superbowl may have been and gone, but Deck Media had it all sewn up with a wide range of winning opportunities for players using their games. Players were able to try their luck at a variety of games as per usual, but there were some amazing treats in store for the luckiest players of all. Deck Media is the power behind many a sensational casino website, so it is always worth checking out the latest opportunities for you concerning their games and deals.

A four figure prize in the Superbowl Freeroll

The game was called the $5 Million Touchdown and there was no entrance fee. However there was still a big prize on offer for those that took part - a huge $2,480 in total. The site also offered a match up of 248% which amounted to a maximum of $24,800 in total. This is just one example of how big the potential winnings are in Deck Media competition possibilities.

Other games saw the site shoot for a successful Superbowl weekend

You wouldn't have felt left out if you were interested in looking for slots games to enjoy either. The Achilles game was part of the Slotocash and Uptown Aces RTG freeroll competition, which again had no entry fee to pay. With a prize of $480 it offered less than the other freeroll competition given above, but it still raked in a lot of players who were looking for some excitement. It provided a superb way to celebrate the Superbowl even if you weren't keen on watching the sport!

It doesn't stop with the Superbowl

There has been more good news from Deck Media Games too, thanks to their new addition for the mobile site. You can now play Three Stooges II on mobile handsets from the 3rd February, giving you another great game to dig into thanks to their determination to reach more players on more platforms. There is no longer any need to be sitting at your computer to take a spin with some of their favorite games.

All in all it is worth keeping the name Deck Media close at hand if you are looking for regular opportunities to win it big. With plenty of announcements hitting the headlines at regular intervals they know how to provide the best deals for every player.