Gold Coast Online Slots

Gold Coast online slots builds upon the classic cherry slot. Instead of one payline, you get extras-five in all. The top prize may not seem substantial at 6,000 coins, but with extra ways to win, you have better odds. There's also a wild card that helps turn losses into wins. Play Gold Coast online slots and see if you can hit the jackpot.

Audio in Gold Coast online slots is nothing spectacular. Standard clicks and whirrs take you back to the days of classic slots where there were no big frills. You simply placed you wager and pulled the lever. Game play is that easy. A quick melody plays when you have a winning combination. All you have to do is set your coin value (25 cents to $5) and spin the three reels. The paytable remains on the side of the classic slot game ensuring you know what you need to win.

Symbols for Gold Coast Online Slots

Instead of fruit like you see in cherry slots, Gold Coast online slots features hibiscus blossoms, bars, sevens and Gold Coast logos. Hibiscus blossom are at the bottom of the paytable and range from 1 to 10 coins; you do win with only one blossom. Bars come in stacks of one, two or three. You need all three bar symbols on a payline to win. A mix of singles, doubles and triple bars pays 4 coins, matching bars pay 20 to 100 coins. You must get all three sevens on a payline to gain the 300 coin reward.

The Gold Coast logo is worth the most. You prize depends on which payline contains the logos. Prizes range from 1,000 coins to 6,000 coins. To win 6,000 coins, the fifth payline (rises diagonally from the left to right) needs three matching Gold Coast logos. The Gold Coast logo is also wild and can help you create winning paylines.

Microgaming Casinos Feature Gold Coast Online Slots

You'll find Gold Coast online slots at leading Microgaming Casinos. At this time, Microgaming casinos do not accept players from the US, nor do they offer free slot tournaments for US Players. This is all due to laws and regulations within the US and could change.

Cherry slots are a good alternative for those in the USA. You'll find a range of games at US friendly sites like Liberty Slots Casino or Lincoln Casino. Residents of other countries can head to their favorite Microgaming casino and play Gold Coast online slots.