While playing slots online can be an exciting and fun-filled experience, nothing comes close to competing in a free online slot tournament. Let’s face it; we all have some kind of competitive streak in us and no where can you fill that that by joining the Liberty Slot Casino Group where free online slot tournaments can be played every Saturday. If you love slots and want to win a free online slot tournament, read on.

Liberty Slots Casino Group

One of the major advantages in joining Liberty Slots Casino, Lincoln Casino, and Miami Club casino is that you will receive 4 FREE entries into the slot tournament of your choice. But that’s not the only freebie they are offering. All three casinos offer what is called Freeroll slot tournaments. Basically, this means that there is no entry fee required and the tournaments are held every Saturday through Sunday.

What Are Free Online Slots with Bonuses and Where Can You Find Them?

Slots come in many forms, keeping every slot player entertained and eager to try out more of them. While many players like to play these games for real, with real coins placed on the paylines or ways to win, others like to play for pleasure, without risking their cash. If you fall into this group, you may end up looking around for free online slots with bonuses. Many casinos offer these, so it may not be as difficult to spot them as you would think.

In this article, we are going to find out what kinds of bonuses you can expect to see, and what to expect if you unearth some of these slots to play.

What are free slots with bonuses?

These are slot games that can be played without charge. This usually means opting to play the practice version or demo, both of which mean the same thing. The game is identical to the one you would play if you were placing proper bets on it from your gaming budget. However, the practice version offers you the chance to try the game exactly as it would play out normally… without risking any real bets on it. It provides the ideal way to try a game to see if you like it enough to use some of your budget playing it for real.

So, that is the free part of it. What about the bonuses?

This refers to the bonus rounds and levels you find in some slot games. Not all slots have these, but many modern ones do. You will typically find far more bonuses in video slots with five or more reels. A few three-reel slots have simple bonus features in them, but you won’t find many. The ones you do find usually consist of simple picking games. Pick one of six turkeys to reveal a coin win, maybe, or choose some of the many items on the screen until you find three matching ones to win that prize.

Many slot players love bonus rounds because they take you away from the main game for a while. This might mean you visit a different set of reels, perhaps with a different backdrop. Some bonuses include different icons and elements on the reels as well. Other bonuses take you away from the reels altogether, perhaps to a location that fits with the game theme.

Examples of free slots with bonuses you could find online today

Let’s say you are playing a slot game set under the sea. If you trigger the bonus, you might be prompted to choose a treasure chest out of several sunken chests hiding under the water. Some slots might have bonuses consisting of several levels. If this is the case, the outcome of your first picking game could see you progress to the next level, which could be in another location. If this occurs, the second level will usually have bigger and better prizes to shoot for. Get through that level and the next one is better still. You get the idea.

You can also look forward to exploring other locations that relate to the theme. For instance, you could go inside an Egyptian pyramid, into a graveyard in a zombie slot game, or try putting together a dish if you’re playing a slot based around food.

This is one major reason why slot players love playing slots with bonuses, whether they are free to play or not. Those bonuses take you away from the base game for a while and give you something altogether different to enjoy.

How can you play these slots online today?

If you want to play slots for free and enjoy some of the bonuses associated with them, you will need to find casinos that allow you to do one of two things:

1. They may allow anyone to play the free versions of the games without signing up
2. They will provide access to all demo games for members to enjoy

The latter option means you must find a casino that accepts players from your area. If you can sign up, you can usually play the demos without needing to make a deposit into your account. The first option is obviously easier as there is no need to sign up or sign in to get to those games. However, not all casinos are welcoming enough to offer this facility. Search around to see what you can find.

There are lots of casinos that do provide free games with bonuses – in fact, most of them do. You simply need to find one that follows the pattern set in one of the two options mentioned above. If the casino accepts players from your country, you’re good to go. Remember, too, that if you decide to switch to real play, all you will need to do is to make a deposit and you are ready to make that change whenever you wish.

Freeroll Tournament Schedules

TournamentStarts InEnds InEntryPrize PoolPlay Now
Daily Free Spinsnow1 hourFree$100Play Now
Game Of The Daynow1 hourFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free Spins1 hour1 dayFree$100Play Now
Game Of The Day1 hour1 dayFreePot PercentagePlay Now
USD 100 Weekly Freerollnow1 dayFree$100Play Now
Daily Free Spins1 day2 days 1 hourFree$100Play Now
Game Of The Day1 day2 days 1 hourFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Blackjack Challengenow2 days 1 hourFreePot PercentagePlay Now
VIP Weekly Giveawaynow2 days 5 hoursFree$250Play Now
VIP Weekly Giveawaynow2 days 5 hoursFree$250Play Now
Top Five Winnow2 days 8 hoursFree$117Play Now
Dog Days Marathonnow2 days 8 hoursFree$2,215Play Now
Scuba Spinsnow2 days 8 hoursFree$1,000Play Now
Blackjack Challengenow2 days 8 hoursFree$118.50Play Now
USD 100 Weekly Freerollnow2 days 8 hoursFree$100Play Now
Daily Free Spins2 days 1 hour3 days 1 hourFree$100Play Now
Game Of The Day2 days 1 hour3 days 1 hourFreePot PercentagePlay Now
The Royal Flushnow3 days 1 hourFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Weekly Winnernow3 days 8 hoursFree$7.50Play Now
Cool Grandnow3 days 8 hoursFree$2,000Play Now
The Royal Flushnow3 days 8 hoursFree$148.50Play Now
Daily Free Spins3 days 1 hour4 days 1 hourFree$100Play Now
Game Of The Day3 days 1 hour4 days 1 hourFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free Spins4 days 1 hour5 days 1 hourFree$100Play Now
Game Of The Day4 days 1 hour5 days 1 hourFreePot PercentagePlay Now