Easter is a beautiful feast with religious undertones, yet still celebrated today across the world. Easter Sunday is an extraordinary day, a time for family reunions, celebrations, love and Merrymaking. What better time of the year for specially themed promotions at online casinos? After a long Easter Sunday with family and friends, eating, drinking and catching up on old times, then comes the evening of relaxation.

Easter Slots with Lots of Pots!

What better way to unwind at Easter time than playing a particular Easter themed slot? Despite the fact that there are not that many Easter themed slots, the few that are out there are exceptional games, full of Easter spirit. Of course, one cannot miss the common Easter symbols such as Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies, Chocolate, Cake and perhaps also traditional Easter food. A rewarding and relaxing way to end the day made even more special if players manage to win a payout on an Easter slot, at Easter time! The heavens may be smiling down on this holy day! Maybe your luck will come to the forefront this Easter. Why not take a look at what exceptional slots are available at Easter time. The slots that are available will likely pay out more than others, due to more people playing around the same time, the game heats up, and tends to pay out significant wins more frequently. These days, playing an Easter-themed slot is not as difficult as it was just a few years ago. Furthermore, it is possible to play the game in Instant Play mode, by just logging on to a decent online casino. The rewards, bonuses and promotions tend to be better than most, and created exclusively for the event of Easter. Not to forget, some of the Easter themed slots out there come with a progressive jackpot, increasing the chances of winning even more. The games available this Easter are different, yet all themed similarly for the occasion.


Easter Bonuses & Promotions

Not only are there a multitude of Easter themed slots, but those slots come with better bonuses and specific promotions. They all contribute towards creating an unmistakable Easter atmosphere and immersive gameplay. The Easter slots come with all sorts of innovative and original bonuses. There will be Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies, and Easter sweets and food. It is a time for celebration and merrymaking. The bonuses contribute towards creating the Easter spirit and entertainment.

There will be special Easter Promotions at selected online casinos, in addition to the offers on specific slot games. The promotions will likely be on slots, but there will be others on table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo, Video Poker and every other casino game genre. With luck, it might be possible to find exceptional Easter promotions or bonuses that give out cash prizes or bonuses as an incentive to sign up and play an Easter-themed slot. All manner of bonuses can be found at the right casinos. From No Deposit Bonuses to Match Bonuses, ReLoad Bonuses, and much more besides. The bonuses tend to be precisely on Easter Sunday, yet others will start beforehand, even a week before, and end afterwards. They will all revolve around the Easter holidays and bank holidays. Who knows, the running of the bunnies promotion might just work in players’ favour. The most common bonuses will be percentage ones, of various amounts, and depending on the individual online casino. Other bonuses may depend on the casino name, so if a casino is called, say, ‘Double Seven’ then the bonus might be 77 Free Spins or a 77% Deposit Bonus. The beauty of it all is that if players sign up to a casino around Easter time, they qualify for two bonuses; the welcome bonus, and Easter bonus. Free Spins play a big part in many bonus systems, so it is more than likely that players will find many casinos or games offering additional Free Spins for the occasion. As with all bonuses, it is advisable for players to read the fine print; terms and conditions of the bonuses. If the wagering requirements are too high, the bonus is worth less than seems at first. The same goes when signing up for a new online casino. Players are well advised to check up on the rules before virtual putting pen to paper!

Easter Tournaments & Competitions

Besides celebrations, Easter is a time for friendly games and easy going wagering. Tournaments provide the perfect platform for this. Players get to compete with one another for the right to be up there on that leaderboard, and in with a chance of sharing the pot or even winning it outright. There are many types of tournaments for a multitude of casino games and slots. It may be a poker or blackjack tournament you are after. Or perhaps roulette? Maybe a high paying, progressive jackpot slot, or even an Easter-themed slot tournament. There are the free tournaments which permit players to join in without having to pay an entry fee. Other tournaments demand a small fee. Both have their advantages, and both create tremendous excitement and an immersive atmosphere. Some of the high roller tournaments have incredibly high-value pots for the winner, or winners, as usually the players up in the leaderboard get to share the pot proportionally, and according to their position on the leaderboard. It’s all very engaging and exciting as well.

TournamentGameStarts InEnds InEntryPrize PoolPlay at
Daily Play For The PotVegas Partynow12 hours$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free Roll 30Yakuzanow13 hoursFree$100Play Now
One Penny For Your SlotsLucky Beansnow13 hours$0.01$125Play Now
Bi-Weekly 8Kate's Waddlenow13 hours$5$500Play Now
The Most Wanted FreerollBirds Of Paradisenow13 hoursFree$100Play Now
Daily Free Spins - Triple 10X WildTriple 10X Wildnow13 hoursFree$100Play Now
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip Blackjacknow13 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Game Of The Day - Fat CatFat Catnow13 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Extreme Weekendnow13 hours$0.50$150Play Now
Daily Pot - Vegas PartyVegas Partynow13 hours$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
Top Five WinDown The Drainnow13 hours$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
King And IDolphin Kingnow13 hours$5$1,500Play Now
VIP Weekly GiveawayTriple Twisternow17 hoursFree$250Play Now
Daily KenoKenonow17 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free SpinsTriple 10X Wildnow18 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Game Of The DayFat Catnow18 hoursFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Play For The PotVegas Partynow19 hoursFree$15Play Now
Top Five WinDown The Drainnow20 hoursFree$1,156.49Play Now
Top Five WinDown The Drainnow20 hoursFree$2,272.49Play Now
The King And IDolphin Kingnow20 hoursFree$1,500Play Now
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip Blackjacknow20 hoursFree$244.50Play Now
Blackjack ChallengeVegas Strip Blackjacknow20 hoursFree$177Play Now
The King And IDolphin Kingnow20 hoursFree$1,500Play Now
YES Its FRIDAYLoose Caboosenow1 dayFree$250Play Now
Daily Play For The PotSolomon's Mines12 hours1 day$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
$15,000 Bankroll Booster TournamentCash Cownow1 day$3$500Play Now
The Most Wanted FreerollDolphin King13 hours1 dayFree$100Play Now
Weekly Slots 5Time Bendernow1 day$5$1,500Play Now
VIP Black JackPerfect Pair Blackjacknow1 day$25$1,500Play Now
Deuces WildDeuces Wildnow1 day$25$1,500Play Now
$15,000 Bankroll Booster TournamentLucky Irishnow1 dayFree$200Play Now
$15,000 Bankroll Booster TournamentCleopatra's Pyramid 2now1 day$4.99$3,000Play Now
$10,000 Monster Pop Monthly TournamentMonster Popnow1 day$5$10,000Play Now
Daily Pot - Solomon's MinesSolomon's Mines13 hours1 day$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
Funky BroadwayFunky Chicksnow1 day$5$1,000Play Now
Big Gold WeekendCash Caboosenow1 day$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free Spins - Liberty 7sLiberty 7s13 hours1 dayFree$100Play Now
Game Of The Day - Doctor LoveDoctor Love13 hours1 dayFreePot PercentagePlay Now
The Royal FlushDeuces Wildnow1 dayFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily KenoKenonow1 dayFree$100Play Now
Month LongHot Rollernow1 day$5$5,000Play Now
Weekly WinnerTailgate Blitznow1 day$3Pot PercentagePlay Now
Daily KenoKeno17 hours1 dayFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Daily Free SpinsLiberty 7s18 hours1 dayFreePot PercentagePlay Now
Big Gold WeekendCash Caboosenow1 dayFree$1,396.42Play Now

Easter is here, and the gifts are already being showered upon players in the know. Become one of them and benefit from Easter promotions, bonuses and special offers. Enjoy playing Easter slots. Players can take part in Easter tournaments as well. So it is Easter all around. Enjoy your Happy Easter.

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