Treasure Ireland Slots

That's because the more you play, the bigger your slice of the pie. This 3 reel, 1 payline AWP slot puts you at the helm of the pirate ship as you sail your way to riches, with the help of the Treasure Map and a little Luck of the Irish. With nudges, holds, Shifta! and so much more, if you're looking for a fast, loose game, bordering on the frenetic, Treasure Ireland is the game for you. It offers all the best in the Pub Fruity variety, including a whopping 500X Jackpot when you hit three Red Beards. Although we've never heard of Pirate Leprechauns, it all seems to tie together nicely in this fiery whipper snapper of a game. Again, Microgaming has outdone themselves packing so much into one little game, you'll barely be able to take a breath between spins, especially considering the frequency you'll hit the jam packed Treasure Ireland bonus round, which has so many different elements all competing to earn you money, you'll feel like you've entered into a Pirate ADHD group session. Download and play Treasure Ireland Online Fruit Machine slots today and set sail for serious treasures.

Irish Pirates Love Life, and So Will You

You'll be dancing the jig in no time as you hit the high seas with the most fun loving pirate you've ever seen. Every spin brings the possibility for huge wins and great fun. But, as with any maritime expedition, it's important to know where the wind is coming from and how the sails work; it's all in the details. So pay close attention to the details here, and you could hit the big win. There are so many important symbols here; with clovers and Jolly Rogers, Pints and Parrots, Pirate Ships and Treasure Chests and finally, old Red Beard himself. At any point you could have 3 X's appearing in the screen, which triggers the electrifying Treasure Ireland Bonus round, where anything could happen. Where you spin for prizes, special settings with increased bonuses, extra lives, special games, this Bonus Round is like no other online today. Throughout the Bonus Round, you get more than your fair share at opportunities to come back from the dead and keep spinning your way to the Treasure Chest of goodies.

Treasure Ireland Online Fruit Machine Mixes the Luck of the Irish and the Loot of the Pirates

Like chocolate and peanut butter, ketchup and fries, Starsky and Hutch, this could be the next big combo. Leprechaun Pirates may have never existed before, but they do now, and they've got your winning number. So download Treasure Ireland Online Fruit Machine today for your shot at winning the loot.