As Mobile technology has advanced, so too has the classic card game of Poker. In video format, the classic card game takes on another dimension. It is almost akin to watching yourself play on video. The immersive and atmospheric qualities are brought to the forefront. The major casino software developers and game producers offer exceptional Video Poker options and variants.

The mobile medium too is opening up the doors for more technological advances in the field of casino gaming. Just a few years ago, the technology was not advanced enough to provide such realistic poker gaming. Tablets, with their larger screens, bring out the qualities of video poker brilliantly and clearly. So too with smartphones, as screens become larger. Both Android and iOS devices have big screen smartphones, which are perfect for gaming. BlackBerry and Windows phones also bring out the qualities of the games and are gaining in traction to become more commonplace. Blackberry is staging something of a comeback, and Windows phones as well. All devices will accommodate video poker, whatever the brand.

These two developments are moving forward hand in hand; mobile devices and casino gaming have brought us up to where we are today. Most game providers fall over themselves to release a mobile version, and the same has happened to video poker, once exclusively for PC gaming, now unleashed onto mobile gaming. The demand for mobile casino games is growing exponentially, and video poker is right up there in the mix. These days the quality of mobile devices screens has improved to such an extent that the graphics are crystal clear, vibrant and realistic. Players love convenience, and that is exactly what mobile video poker offers. The power packs of mobile devices are longer lasting now than they were just a year ago, so playing an online game on a mobile device will not drain the battery. Modern batteries last much longer, even so, there is always a power supply somewhere around, close by, so it is not a problem anymore.

The competition from other table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, and to a lesser extent, Baccarat and Craps, Video Poker beats them hands down. Besides, poker players and enthusiasts are a different kettle of fish to other gamblers. The strategy that is needed to win at poker is unlike any other card or table game. Currently, the majority of online casinos offer poker in some form or other. The better ones offer video poker, alongside all the other classics table games, which are available for mobile gaming.

There are so many different varieties of video poker available out there at the better online casinos; from Joker Poker to All American Poker, taking in Deuces and Jacks. The list is endless, and the choice is improving every day, as online casinos offer more and more varieties to attract more players.

Video Poker on iPhone can be a rewarding experience. Since the Apple smartphones is a desirable and accessible device, not to mention expensive in comparison, them one would expect the performance to be spot on, and it is. Most online casinos plan to have an Apple iPhone optimised version of a game when it is released. Owning an iPhone is one of the best devices to have for mobile gaming and video poker.

Android phone video poker is just as popular as the iPhone version. Not everyone can afford an iPhone, and an Android device is an effective, cheaper and more accessible option. Game developers know this and prepare games for Android phone gaming as a matter of course. Whichever brand of Android, the better ones will support casino gaming beautifully and admirably.

Blackberry is back in contention, weaving its way back into the smartphone market. Blackberry cannot be discounted, seeing as the brand is enjoying something of a renaissance. Video poker for Blackberry is available as well. Windows Phone video poker is a reality too, and it is possible to find online casinos offering video poker for Windows phones.

In conclusion, it must be said that the best medium for video poker has to be a tablet, whether iOS, Android or whichever. Size matters and the clarify tablets provide, along with the extra size make it the undisputed king of mobile video poker.

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